Muhamad Ridhwan and Jeson Umbal visit Manila, gear up for Roar of Singapore 4

Singapore’s boxing star Muhamad “The Chosen Wan” Ridhwan and Filipino challenger Jeson Umbal are set to fight on April 20, 2018 in Singapore National Indoor Stadium to headline Roar of Singapore 4 as they held an open-media workout session in Taguig on Friday afternoon, 9 February 2018.

Both fighters faced the media to promote the fight that is expected to be a tricky but well balanced matchup.

Muhamad Ridhwan’s (9W-0L) status is currently rising rapidly in his home country. The 30-year old being undefeated in his nine-bout professional career and currently holding the IBO international super featherweight title.

Meanwhile his adversary will be 23-year old Filipino Jeson Umbal (16W-5L) from Camiguin who is coming from an eight-match winning streak.

What is interesting between the two rivals is, despite Jeson being much younger than Ridhwan (a gap of around seven years), the former has much more fighting experience with 21 total bouts and is actually eight places higher in the rankings.

What contributes in terms of the disparity between the two’s record is the Filipino started much earlier in professional boxing while Ridhwan competed for a considerable time in the amateur level first with notable runs in 2011, 2013 and 2015 SEA Games where he finished on the podium for all three competitions before going professional.

Jeson was the first to talk to the media and when asked of his chances of getting the win, the Filipino replied that he is hopeful and optimistic of his chances and that he has made the necessary preparations in studying his opponent.

He also feels coming into the fight with having less pressure to deal with, treating himself as the underdog, given that it is Ridhwan who is the more celebrated fighter of the two and is the one who will fight at home.

When it was Ridhwan’s turn to be in the hot seat, the Singaporean was quick to note the tough challenge ahead.

“He’s a strong opponent. He’s ranked higher than me. He’s a southpaw so it tends to be tricky. I think it’s one of my toughest tests so far.”

In closing he’s shared that his goal is to make the fight look as easy as possible.

The fight is promoted by Ringstar Boxing and CEO Scott O’Farrell is proud of the way the fight is built up, “Let’s promote the good [side of boxing], [showing] respect for each other as fighters.”

It was evident that both fighters fighters were respectful during the course of the event, even being seated in close proximity with not much tension between the two.

Even until the face-off in front of the media, everything transpired smoothly, which was really a bit kind of unusual in terms of the level of diplomacy shown by both fighters.

But in spite of all the respectfulness displayed between the two camps in this event, Scott O’Farrell promised that come fight night both will give their all for the win.

It was important to note though that Filipino IBF junior bantamweight champ Jerwin Ancajas, who successfully defended his title recently, was in the venue before and during the event proper to give encouragement to the two boxers.

Muhamad Ridhwan vs Jeson Umbal will be the main event in Roar of Singapore 4 and is scheduled on April 20, 2018 in Singapore to contend for the IBO Intercontinental Title.