He’s the greatest shooter I’ve ever played with | Adelaide 36ers coach cherishes memories of playing with Allan Caidic

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Philippine basketball has hailed “The Triggerman” Allan Caidic as the greatest shooter who has ever played the game.

A former MVP, a PBA Hall of Famer, a member of the last Philippine FIBA Asia gold medal squad, and a record holder for most points and most three-point shots made, these are just some of the many accomplishments of Caidic.

Nearly three decades since he last saw Caidic, Joey Wright, former import of Presto and now head coach of the Adelaide 36ers, still recall the times of playing alongside the greatest shooter he has ever played with. 

“I was playing here in 1992 with Allan Caidic,” Wright told FOX Sports Philippines in an exclusive interview. “I think he’s the best shooter Filipinos had ever and the greatest shooter I’ve ever played with.”

Wright will serve at the helm of Adelaide 36ers as they figure in two friendly games against Gilas Pilipinas at the Meralco Gym this weekend.

According to Wright, having someone in the mold of Caidic is essential to any Philippine squad, but he believes there’s only one Caidic.

“I’ve never seen anyone who shoots better and he’s one of the best shooters that I’ve ever seen. The best I’ve ever played,” added Wright.

But Wright also remember two of the greatest players he had ever played against in the PBA. Wright played in the same conference when Tony Harris took the PBA by storm.

Harris set the most number of points by an import in a PBA game, tallying 105 points. He was playing for Swift at the time, then being coached by Yeng Guiao, the current Gilas coach, who won his first ever PBA title in that same conference.

“Coach Yeng coached a great friend of mine, Tony Harris,” added Wright. “I grew up with Tony, we grew up each other down the streets.”

“I’ve seen how Tony broke the record for most points as I played against him. “

Then, there’s Jaworski, who has been a by-word every time Philippine basketball is up for discussion — and Wright remembers him too well.

“He was tenacious and back then, when we realized how long he had played, we had recognized how great a basketball player he was,” said Wright. “He was more than a basketball player. He was a tough guy. But you respect how tough he was and wherever you go, they would know him.”

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