Curry so money

Shaquille O’Neal goes wild in mosh pit at Tomorrowland

Stephen Curry has got so good at draining three-pointers that his teammates have started celebrating before he even sets up to take a shot.

And it’s fair enough, as earlier in the week Curry nailed his 300th three-pointer of the season. It’s almost become boring.

Against the Orlando Magic Andrew Bogut tipped the ball out to last year’s MVP on a rebound and immediately started running back up the court with one hand raised in celebration [much like Alan Shearer did his whole career after scoring a goal], so convinced was he of the Point Guard’s ability to successfully execute the shot.

In the 2014/2015 season, Curry led the Warriors to their first NBA championship since 1975 by amassing 286 three-pointers. He is now on over 300 three-pointers for the 2015/2016 season with over two months to go.

While it might make for bizarre reading, the big question now is whether he can hit 400? Yes, your math is correct, that would be 1200 points in three-pointers alone!