Epic exchange between Lebron and Steph in Game 6

‘I am not satisfied. Our goal is to win the Championship’ – Lowry on NBA Finals

Game 6 of the NBA Finals had it all, but perhaps no moment was more memorable than Lebron James’ dominating shutdown on Steph Curry.

During the fourth quarter of the riveting game in Cleveland, Curry dribbled his way to the basket with James hot on his heels.

It was hardly the moment to attempt a layup, but that’s exactly what Curry did, only for Lebron to shut him down and pull off the block in truly commanding fashion.

As if the block wasn’t enough, James took the moment to let Curry know that he and the Cavs mean business.

Lebron has been playing second fiddle to Curry all season, but there was something in the air in Game 6, and the four-time MVP was clearly feeling it:

We don’t know what was said, but the expression said it all: