Watch Steph Curry and Barack Obama hang out on the golf course

‘They got championship DNA’ – LeBron on why Lakers lost to Raptors

President Barack Obama and Stephen Curry are practically BFFs. They conduct science experiments together. Then play Connect Four together (and Obama trash talks after he wins). More than anything, though, the two-time MVP and the leader of the free world hang out on the golf course together.

Last summer, the two joined Ray Allen and Steph’s dad Dell for a round at Martha’s Vineyard ? which Curry revealed ended with Obama trying “to get in your head.” And earlier this week, Curry and Obama were once again spotted on the course:

Obama’s driving (and ignoring the 90-degree rule, because he is above the law), Curry’s cruising shotgun, and they’re accompanied by several other golfers, some of whom are undoubtedly Secret Service agents.

Dell Curry was on hand for this round once again, and they’re not the only NBA players who played 18 with the POTUS recently.

So you don’t even have to win a championship to earn a round of golf with the president. Who knew?