DeMarcus Cousins…an Olympic gymnast?

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DeMarcus Cousins is known for being one of the most dominant basketball players in the world today, but could he make it as an Olympic gymnast?

Cousins, who plays for the Sacramento Kings in the NBA, is currently representing Team USA at the Olympics, which is something many would consider that an achievement in itself. But the 25-year-old took to Twitter to wonder how he would fare as a gymnast.

No doubt ‘Boogie’ is just joking, but if he were to seriously pursue a career in gymnastics, he would already have a significant height advantage over the rest of the United States gymnastics team.

Most members of the United States gymnastics team are around 5ft 7in, while the tallest is 5ft 8in. Cousins, on the other hand, stands at a towering 6ft 11in, making him more than a foot taller than the tallest person on the gymnastics squad.

With all due respect to Cousins, we suggest he doesn’t quit his day job just yet.