Chris Gavina wants to keep roster intact despite Mahindra’s lackluster finish

Mahindra assistant lead coach Chris Gavina is not keen on tweaking his rotation in a major way after their lofty playoff quest came crashing in a disappointing manner.

Instead, Gavina wants the Enforcers to work on their skill set this offseason.

“It’s not so much by position, it’s just more about increasing the dynamic skill set of our guys,” Gavina told FOX Sports after his wards bowed to Meralco that sent them packing for the season.

“It’s just how they will gonna adapt this season and improved on those weaknesses and kinda masked it as much as possible, and really make our guys more multi-facet players instead of one-functional role,” he added.

But the first year coach hinted that they will already start building up for next season as early as next week.

“A lot of scenarios, just discussing how can we be a better team in the next conferences,” he shared after the whole Mahindra coaching staff spent a good two hours inside the dugout after getting the boot from Meralco on Saturday.

Blazing to a high gear at the start of the Governors’ Cup when they went for 4-0 start, the expansion franchise could not find any solution to their struggle late in the eliminations that ultimately led to their downfall in the quarterfinals.

Leading Mahindra to their first-ever playoff appearance, though, was already an achievement for the former conditioning mentor, but vows they will bounce back stronger in the coming conferences.

“Everything is such a joyride for me,” he said. “I told the guys that our season is like life with peaks and valleys, it’s a matter of how you bounce back from the valleys to reach higher peaks and I think it’s a great launching pad moving on in the future.”

“For what we have accomplished, I really give a lot of gratitude to our guys work ethic and effort so for me I wont worry on the guys we have now,” Gavina ended. – By Jason Mercene