D-Day: NBA regular season surprises, father-son tandem

So here are the recap and highlights of this week’s D-Day as Mo and Nikko discussed on the surprises for the NBA regular season now that the post season seedings are coming clearer by the day.

Also tackled is if there is a fantasy 2-on-2 league where NBA father-and-son tandems (assuming both are in prime), who will turn out to be the best duo?

The Clippers are actually better without Blake

With the injuries in their lineup and Griffin’s trade to the Pistons, the Clippers are supposed to be done for the season. But, actually, they became much better as a team.

Spurs’ current struggle for the playoffs

Hard to believe, but this season could be the one that the Spurs will not reach the playoffs!

The Indiana Pacers… WOW!

Both Mo and Nikko agree that the Pacers, with Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis the surprise packages, have been impressive.

Best father-son tandem in NBA

Nikko sides with the Bryants, Kobe and Joe, while Mo believes Steph and Dell Curry will burn the opponents.

Father-son tandem — The highlight materials

Nikko believes the Larry Nance Sr. and Junior along with Shaq and Shareef Oneal will be the one to look out for to light it up and produce those posterizing dunks.

Father-son tandem in Philippine basketball

Mo and Nikko unanimously hail Benjie and Kobe Paras to be the best basketball duo if ever there will be one in local basketball.

Here’s the full episode on Soundcloud.