Philippine basketball jerseys that need a makeover

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Last time, FOX Sports PH gave a list of jerseys that seem to hit the right spots. Now it’s time to have a look at the other end of the spectrum.

This is not to purely diss club jerseys and uniforms just for the sake of dissing, but to tell what didn’t work and maybe provide a suggestion on what needs to be changed in the next iteration.

So here are the list of team jerseys, in no particular order, that currently underwhelm in the aesthetics department in Philippine basketball.

Bulacan Kuyas

Bulacan’s representative team in the MPBL’s jersey can be summed up in one word: Confusing.

With a hodge-podge of colors, shades and graphics, it really is hard to tell the squad’s identity and what the team stands for. The result is a visually unappealing outfit.

We hope the Kuyas’ management has already been aware of this. We look forward to a more focused and cleaner look next MPBL season.

Paranaque Patriots (Green jersey)

The MPBL team down south of the metro played with a uniform design that has been an assault to the visual sense.

What’s probably the offending element is the offset lightning design. It just knocks us off our feet, in a bad way. It puts any sense of balance in the overall look of the outfit out of the window.

The Patriots could have just opted for a more solid, all green design and just put the white accent at the sides if they want some form of a contrast.

Have mercy on us next season, Paranaque Patriots. Please. Thank you in advance.

QC Capitals (White jersey)

We just don’t know what to say about Quezon City Capitals’ team jersey design. The red accents seem like they were randomly taped.

Also the Capitals’ team logo needs originality. The “inspiration” (behind?) it is so blatantly obvious that it was taken from an NBA team.

You can do much better than this Quezon City. We know you can come up with something more original.

Columbian Dyip

The only PBA team that made the list. Everything seems to be fine with Columbian Dyip’s uniform design, except for one thing.

Yes, we get the the recent rebrand, but is putting the image of the vehicle on the jersey still needed? Probably not.

Instead, they could have made the Columbian font a bit larger immediately followed by “DYIP” below. It’s simpler and could drive home the point with the same level of effect.

The overall look of the outfit could have turned out much better without the silhouette of the vehicle.

MPBL referees

We are honestly a bit sad that this list is mainly made up of teams from the MPBL. The league just exudes so much energy and excitement.

There’s even a DIY feel to it to a certain degree, but it seems some of the positive emotions have spilled to some of the jersey designs and have gone overboard. But we think it’s forgivable for now since the league just had its inaugural season.

However, the last thing that makes up this list is the referees’ uniforms.

If these shirts could talk, it will say (er, scream) only one thing: “MPBL! In your Face!!!”

Photo Credits: Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League