After signing up Parks, El Tigre nab Javillonar, Abrigo to beef up frontline

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AFTER going over the marquee, Mandaluyong went after the next big fishes and caught two big ones.

The El Tigre picked up Jeff Javillonar, a 6-foot-4 forward who previously played for the Valenzuela Classic, giving the team a frontliner who can play from inside and out.

But the team wasn’t done yet with surprising acquisitions as it also nabbed another key player in Gian Abrigo, the hardworking forward who played for the Quezon City Capitals.

Valenzuela head coach Chris Gavina and Quezon City Capitals team manager Niño Dionisio confirmed this development to FOX Sports Philippines.

“Yes, it’s true. We’re now thinking of someone who could take over his spot, but for now, our mindset is how can we get this team better for the coming season,” Gavina said in a telephone interview.

For Dionisio, the plan of  forming an energetic pair in Mon Mabayo and Abrigo didn’t push thru when the latter opted to take a juicier offer from Mandaluyong. Quezon City agreed in principle with the 6-foot-3 Mabayo, a hardworking forward from Valenzuela, but the plan of putting together two intense players went down the drain when Abrigo decided to pack his bag and join Mandaluyong.

Instead, Abrigo will be joining Javillonar and the highly-touted Ray Parks and fellow Alab player John Ray Alabanza over at the El Tigre’s lair.

Other players expected to be signed up by Mandaluyong are Thomas and Aexl Torres and Prince Rivero among others.