Will Jordan Clarkson make it to the Kazakhstan game?

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By Rey Joble

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Jordan Clarkson is expected to arrive anytime soon during game time of Rain or Shine-Pilipinas and Kazakhstan.

But whether the NBA player could make a last-minute entry to join his Pinoy teammates in action remains to be seen.

A source privy to Clarkson’s whereabouts confirmed to FOX Sports Philippines that the Cleveland Cavaliers guard is now in Singapore and may be able to catch up the game of the Filipinos, who are set to play the Kazakhs at 10 a.m.

“In fact, we’re readying his uniform, so anytime he feels he wants to play today, then we will allow him to play,” said a source who requested anonymity.

The Philippine Embassy in Indonesia is expected to welcome Clarkson at the airport and will immediately drive him at the GBK Basketball Stadium.

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