Monikers that new MPBL teams should avoid

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With cities from the south still signing up to be expansion teams, the number of members in the fastest-growing regional basketball league doesn’t look like it’ll stop increasing soon.

Owners and managers of these new teams have a lot of work ahead of them, too; they’ll have to fill roster spots, hold tryouts, fill members of the coaching staff, manage schedules, and juggle all the other intricacies that come with handling a team.

But arguably the most important first step to take (aside from signing that paper formalizing the entry, of course) is to name the team. It’s not an easy process; a nickname has to embody not only the spirit of the players representing the squad, but also the ideals of the city and its citizens.

Or not. It’s in the handler’s discretion, anyway; they could name their teams after their sponsors or their favorite animals, symbols, people – literally after anything, to be honest. Some owners would probably wanna do away with a supposedly quick ordeal made complicated.

But no matter what their preference is in prioritizing their team’s moniker, there are probably still some names that they should avoid using.

At least 70 college teams in the United States use the ‘Eagles’ moniker. Here in the Philippines, an innumerable number of schools and barangay teams banner this glorious animal as their team’s mascot. Ateneo de Manila University, one of the most star-studded college teams in our country’s history, own the Blue Eagle nickname.

If a new MPBL team wants to carve their own identity, this animal is definitely not the way to go.

Two expansion teams in Mandaluyong and Davao Occidental already share the ‘tiger’ moniker. It’s probably best not to be the third one.

Meanwhile, the other names are just too… generic. These beasts are menacing in real life, but they don’t really sound intimidating to anyone who’s probably going to be facing the seventh ‘Lions’ team he’s faced in his whole basketball career.

With the arrival of GSW (General Santos, not Golden State) in the MPBL, one of the most cliched nicknames in basketball history has been taken already. You gotta give props to GenSan for their attempt at being funny and witty, though, but one ‘Warriors’ squad is probably enough.

The ‘Knights’, on the other hand, has been taken by San Juan, who was one of the original teams in the defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association. Don’t disrespect the OGs by trying to upstage them as the ‘new Knights’.

As for the ‘Archers’ nickname, way too many teams in this country have missed their mark in their respective leagues. Gotta try again, man. Sorry.

Too bland, and you’ll probably see these names on some dude’s jersey when you turn right at your corner to buy something from the store.

I mean, really. That would be just plain lazy planning. How would you like to be the 789th ‘Black Panthers’ team in the country?