The 5 worst MPBL team names

If there are hits, then there are misses.

In sports, there are draft busts and late-round wonders. There are teams who are contenders on paper and dark horse champions too. The same can be said with team names, and the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) is no exception. Names create an identity that serve as rallying cries and battle insignias for the fans. But for these monikers, they could have done a better job.

What makes a team name bad? First, if it does not have any semblance or reference to the place they represent. Second, if it does not a good ring to it. Lastly, if the name does not make sense. Thus, here are the worst names in the MPBL.

Bulacan Kuyas

The team did reach the quarterfinals of the MPBL Anta Rajah Cup before bowing to the Parañaque Patriots. But while there is no doubt that they can compete, why do they call themselves “Kuyas”? If their players get older, can we call them “Titos” or “Lolos”? They could have used a moniker that stays true to the province’s identity or history. Some possible names are Bulacan Firecrackers or Bulacan Gatekeepers.

Rizal Ankle Breakers

It’s a good thing that they changed their name to Crusaders because it is somehow related to the pilgrimages that devout Catholics perform especially during Holy Week. Otherwise, Team Rizal would have a moniker that looks generated from a video game. What a letdown it would be if they retained the Ankle Breakers name but do not perform killer crossovers. Likewise, it won’t be nice if one of their players got his ankles broken.

General Santos Warriors

In some ways, it is an appropriate team name given that MPBL founder and eight-division boxing world champion Manny Pacquiao hails from this city. But when you look at the team logo, their name reads General Santos Golden State Warriors. It isn’t a coincidence that General Santos and Golden State share the same initials. So, they do have the local version of GSW. If I may suggest, General Santos Marlins has a nice sound to it.

Manila Stars and Quezon City Capitals

If team names can be traded, this is a no-brainer. Yes, Quezon City was once the capital of the Philippines but the Capitals names now fits Manila. On the other hand, Stars is a nice name for Team QC given that headquarters of the big television networks can be found there. It’s also where film production companies reside. But the uniforms are done and perhaps the Capitals would like to get some mojo from their Washington counterparts, who just won the Stanley Cup.

Bataan Risers

Their previous team name (Defenders) is a great basketball reference that also encapsulates the province’s role during World War II. But when you own something, you can give it any name you wish. With the ownership switching hands, the team is now known as the Risers. Yes, every rising from the bed is a blessing. But what do you do after that? Besides, riser is also what they call the stands used during stage productions. Maybe it would be more appropriate to have their name as Uprisers, for it means revolution.

They might not have good names. But what’s important is they leave everything on the floor to get the win. The wait will be over soon as the MPBL Anta Datu Cup commences on Independence Day 2018 at the Araneta Coliseum.

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