Carmelo Anthony expects to stay with Knicks through NBA trade deadline

‘I am not satisfied. Our goal is to win the Championship’ – Lowry on NBA Finals

For the past several weeks, there hasn’t been a day without the Knicks, Charles Oakley, Phil Jackson, James Dolan or Carmelo Anthony trade rumors appearing in the headlines.

While the Knicks remain as dysfunctional as ever, there was an attempt to clear up one of the dark clouds hanging above Madison Square Garden on Wednesday afternoon, as star forward Carmelo Anthony reiterated his intention to stay in New York through this month’s NBA trade deadline:

“I never thought I would be anywhere else,” Anthony told reporters. “Like I told you all before, nothing came to me, nothing came to my table for me to look at. Until that time comes then they don’t need for me to even talk about the trade clause.”

It appears Melo hasn’t been presented with so much as a trade offer pending his approval — despite the speculation that a deal for Cavaliers forward Kevin Love may or may not have been in place.

While it’s certainly reassuring to hear from Carmelo himself that he will remain a Knick, we learned our lesson about verbal commitments the summer Clippers center DeAndre Jordan pulled the plug on the Dallas Mavericks during free agency and returned to Los Angeles. It won’t be official until Feb. 23rd at 3:01 p.m. EST.