Westbrook has a coy response to Curry’s MVP pick

No one should be surprised by Russell Westbrook’s response to hearing that he wasn’t Steph Curry’s MVP pick this season.

Earlier this week, Stephen Curry said James Harden was his pick to win MVP this season. It was more of a prediction than an actual vote, as Curry explained how the NBA’s MVP award is typically handed out.

“You kind of have to reward the better team, I would think, record-wise,” Curry said. “That’s just kind of going in the history of the MVP award. So, I think James will probably edge him out just off of that.”

Russell Westbrook is certainly one of the candidates that voters will consider, and when he was asked to respond to Curry’s prediction, he did so in exactly the way we’ve come to expect.

“I don’t care, it don’t matter what he say,” Westbrook said. “Who’s he?”

No one, really. Just the guy who’s won the award the last two seasons.