Top 4 Michael Jordan’s plays from his 13 NBA playoff appearances

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With LeBron James back in the NBA Finals for the seventh straight year, we’re already talking nonstop about the LeBron versus MJ debate.

And since we’re about to see a couple more weeks of LeBron as the Cavs defend their title against the Golden State Warriors, it’s only fair to watch some MJ, too.

So here are Jordan’s best plays from each of his 13 NBA playoff appearances:

We won’t rank all 13, but here are our top 4 plays:

4. Spin move around Starks-Oakley double team and dunk over Patrick Ewing – 1991

3. Game-winner over Bryon Russell in Game 1 of 1997 Finals

2. Game-winner over Russell in the Flu Game, 1998 Finals

1. Game-winner over Craig Ehlo to win first-round series vs. Cavs – 1989