Donovan Mitchell says he’d rather beat LeBron than play with him

“We did what we were supposed to do on our home floor.” says Lowry after the Raptors beat the Bucks

Donovan Mitchell doesn’t think super teams are completely a bad thing.

But if given a choice to create one with LeBron James or not, he said that he’d rather have the challenge of beating him.

In a press conference with members of the media during the Manila leg of his adidas tour, the Utah Jazz star rookie explained that there’s nothing wrong with the concept of super teams and said that it’s something that everyone in the league needs to wrap their heads around on.

“I think that’s how the league is played now. There’s no sense in saying I don’t like it. You have to adjust. There’s no time for me to say, ‘Oh I want to do it on my own.’ Look at Golden State. They’ve been the champion for three of the past four years. We gotta find ways to adapt and beat them. That’s just how it is, that’s what you have to do,” he explained.

Mitchell averaged 22.1 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.0 assists in 79 games this season. He hiked these numbers to 23.5 points, 5.7 boards and 4.0 dimes in the postseason, where he spearheaded a Jazz beatdown against a stacked Oklahoma City Thunder squad.

However, they fell in five games to the Houston Rockets, who have their own version of a super team with James Harden and Chris Paul rolling in the backcourt together.

He’s still not complaining, though.

“I don’t think they’re necessarily a bad thing, it’s just what needs to be done. If you run and you can’t make it past a certain point, you have to work harder and made adjustments to get past that certain point, right?” Mitchell said.

“Unfortunately, a lot of these super teams are in the West and not the East, and we play them four times a year,” he added in jest.

When asked whether or not he’d want to play alongside LeBron James, Mitchell was pretty upfront about his answer.

“Who wouldn’t?” he simply said.

However, it seems like he relishes the challenge of going head-to-head – and even edging – ‘The King’.

“But if I had a choice between playing with him or beating him, I’d rather beat him. I’d accept that challenge,” he bared.

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