Michael Jordan on Russell Westbrook, James Harden streaks: Six championships is harder

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Which is harder, Westbrook’s triple double streak or Harden scoring 30 points in 30 games? Winning six titles, according to Michael Jordan.

Westbrook created buzz around the NBA when he recorded his 10th triple-double in a row, an NBA record. Harden made headlines in recent weeks when he scored 30 points for 30 straight games.

So when Jordan, who is considered by many as the greatest NBA player of all time, was asked which feat he thinks is harder, he gave the ultimate response.

“Which is harder from the player’s standpoint? Six championships, by all means,” Jordan said during a press conference ahead of the NBA All-Star festivities, which will be hosted in Charlotte, N.C.

All joking aside, Jordan lauded the players for their accomplishments and said it shows how much talent the NBA has.

“It shows progression in the league,” Jordan said. “I am very proud of how both guys have done because they are making a mark for the league, and I think it really helps grow the league.”

Both Harden and Westbrook will be in Charlotte this weekend for the NBA All-Star Game.
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