NBA playoffs 2019: Kyle Lowry hilariously checks box score after Game 2 win

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Kyle Lowry poked a little fun at himself after the Raptors’ 111-82 win over the Magic in Game 2 of their first round playoff series.

Lowry was scoreless on 0-of-7 shooting in Toronto’s Game 1 loss to Orlando. He decided to hilariously look at the box score at the scorer’s table to check his numbers on Tuesday, and he appeared to be satisfied with what he saw.

Lowry jokingly walked away from the table relieved. He posted 22 points and seven assists, which was a vast improvement from Saturday.

Lowry has developed a reputation for poor Game 1 performances over the years, but Raptors fans encouraged him when scored his first point of the playoffs with a free throw in the first quarter.

Toronto’s 29-point margin of victory was the largest the franchise has ever recorded in the postseason.

The second-seeded Raptors will now head into Game 3 with the series tied at 1-1. But, it will have to take on the Magic in Orlando this time.

If Lowry has permanently taken the lid off the basket, it could make things a lot easier for his team moving forward.


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