Stanley Pringle sets two goals for New Year

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While some people reach for the moon when it comes to their New Year’s resolution, GlobalPort spitfire guard Stanley Pringle wants to keep his own a practical one.

Already blessed with uncanny speed and basketball talent that he’s been continuously displaying on the Philippine shore, Pringle looks forward to keeping his family and health his two priorities heading to another challenging year of 2017.

“More time with my family off the court and also trying to implement injury rehabilitation and prevention,” Pringle told FOX Sports.

By injury rehabilitation and prevention, Pringle clarified he intends to commit extra time, even his rest hours, to keep his muscles and bones intact given the demands of his professional duty.

“That one (keeping in-shape) is a big thing for me,” related Pringle, who started playing basketball at the age of six.

“I’m planning to work on my muscles, rehabilitating it. Sometimes if I’m watching a movie or watching at home, at the same time, work on my muscles around my knee, ankles just to keep injuries away,” he added.

Pringle had some history of ankle injury before but the Penn State alum bared he is also eyeing to take good care of his achilles, lower body, and shoulder part on his own way.

Staying faithful to his resolution would of course help the 29-year old Fil-Am guard realize more milestones in his young PBA career.

So far, the 2014 Rookie of the Year has an impressive averages in his first three years, with 16.9 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 4.3 assists,  as the other half of GlobalPort’s one-two punch together with cat-quick guard Terrence Romeo.

But though recognizing that keeping himself injury-free would help Batang Pier to go deep in their ongoing Philippine Cup campaign, Pringle believes his goal is something always relevant for an athlete.

“It’s good for everything, any craft you do in sports, injury prevention is always important whether you want to go deep in the playoffs, whether you want a long or healthy career,” he said. – Jason Mercene

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