Boxing with ‘The Mighty Mouse’: Alapag maintains might in new sport

The Mighty Mouse packs a punch.

Former PBA MVP and current Alab Pilipinas head coach Jimmy Alapag has apparently picked up a new sport.

From the competitive team sport of basketball, the legendary point guard has been lacing up the gloves, working on the speed ball and hitting the mitts in his newfound passion: boxing.

The 40-year old Alapag has been staying sharp and in shape by trying his hand in the sport inside the Elorde Boxing Gym in Ortigas.

FOX Sports Philippines chanced upon the champion ABL coach on Wednesday night inside the boxing gym for an exclusive interview.

“Being retired, I was just looking for something else to try. I was open to trying something new. I actually tried it with my wife a couple of months ago. We met Coach Edwin Mondala and I enjoyed it. It was something new and it started there,” narrated Alapag.

Together with his wife LJ, Alapag tried out boxing two months ago as a workout after being influenced by close friends and fellow PBA players.

“I have heard some of my close friends say that boxing is a great workout. The only ones who I know (from the PBA) – I have seen them but we haven’t been in the gym together – are Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand,” said the former Gilas Pilipinas captain.

Being a professional athlete for many years, boxing became natural for Alapag.

“I think naturally being a professional athlete, you do have some athleticism, even myself at 40. My hand and eye coordination is probably better just because of playing the game of basketball for so long. I have so much to learn but it’s fun. I am really enjoying it and it’s something for me to sustain a competitive routine,” he elaborated.

Alapag recommends boxing as a form of cross-training for current basketball players – a practice that is prevalent in the NBA. According to Alapag, “In the NBA, you see a lot of them boxing. It’s a work on their cardio and hand and eye coordination, which is what you also need in basketball. I think it’s a great alternative workout especially if you’re building up for the basketball season,”