The curious case of Boybits: Victoria now back on track after GBS bout

HIS replies were full of enthusiasm. The positive outlook of getting back on track completely was already there. Here’s Boybits Victoria, the PBA legend, now on his way to recovery.

“I think 10-15% more, pare I can say I’m fully back,” wrote Victoria in an exclusive online interview. “I believe konting-konti na lang. I can say I’m back already.”

Months after facing probably the biggest battle of his life, Victoria took time out to respond to FOX Sports Philippines and share the experience of challenging GBS.

“Ratio is 1 is to 100,000 although if you’ll carefully look at it anybody can be that one,” wrote Victoria in an exclusive online interview. “GBS is a disease I acquired as a virus. Nung humina yung resistencya ko umatake siya.”

According to the 1994 PBA Rookie of the Year who was actively working on the radio panel before the attack, the virus could paralyze him had it not been for the immediate intervention.

“Sabi ng neuro ko, nakuha ko siya two weeks prior to the attack. Good thing mabilis yung pagkaka-discover ng sakit ko dahil kung hinde pwedeng na-paralyzed o comatose ako, although two weeks ako sa ICU,” added Victoria.

“Immune defiency siya. My case was Miller Fisher variant of GBS, which affected more my facial muscles although affected din my respiratory system kaya nakatubo ako. Parang nakalimutan ko huminga, lumunok at affected my eye vision. My neuro told me babalik naman lahat, but it will take at least six months to a year.”

Victoria, part of PBA champion teams Swift, Sunkist and San Miguel Beer, added that he had already started doing some light exercises and is eager to get back doing his daily routines.

“Basically, walking,” added Victoria. “I was exercising after my release sa hospital and it took me two months and 23 days to get my vision back and now I’m driving already.”

“I feel I’m more conditioned now than before I got sick. I tried to shoot once and my feel to the ball was ok. Kulang lang sa hangin talaga.”

Following Victoria’s frightening experience, PBA legends gathered together and put up a group to help out former comrades who are in need.

Victoria was also pumped up by the outpouring of support not just by his former peers but also the fans, people who loves the game of basketball and different walks of life.

“I feel bumilis ang recovery ko nung sinabi ng family ko na I was needing prayers sa mga friends and family members, then nagulat din sila dun sa response ng mga tao of different walks of life wishing and praying for my quick recovery,” added Victoria.

While being temporary idle, Victoria is using the opportunity to be with family more while undergoing complete recovery, but he had already set his sights on making a comeback — at the radio panel.

“Basically, I’m back to my fulltime job/stage father to my son and daughter. Then, kapag libre. makabalik na rin ako sa Radyo PBA and hopefully, sa D-League when it opens,” said Victoria.

Everything in life, according to Victoria, has a purpose and it gives all of us lessons. But for the former star player of San Beda, whose son had already started playing ball there, what happened to him was probably a reminder.

“Sa akin kasi, I feel sundot yun sa akin ni super friend (God) telling me I’m not doing my purpose in life and now, I’m  back on track,” added Victoria.

Image from Boybits Victoria’s Facebook