After getting dragged on Twitter, Peek apologizes to PBA press

A remorseful Ali Peek apologized to the members of the PBA press corps on Twitter yesterday after admitting that he was wrong to diss them for GlobalPort star Sean Anthony’s All-Star snub.

The former Talk ‘N Text center blasted writers on Jinno Rufino’s post last night and vented about how they ‘hated him’.

PBA statistician Fidel Mangonon III and Philippine Star sports writer Joey Villar fired back, clarifying that scribes play no role in the All-Star selection process.

“Hey Mr. Peek @mtnpeek, did you really make this comment, or is this really your account? Coz if yes, then it’s a stupid & very irresponsible comment. Sportswriters have nothing to do w/ All-Star Game selections in the PBA. Pls ask or research 1st before you hurl insults to media,” he wrote.

Peek backpedaled on his comments and tagged the press corps account, saying that he got “carried away” by emotions.

“I’ve been in an aggressive mood since last week so my bad… if u guys want to talk about it next game we can do that… the 25th,” he wrote.

His apology didn’t stop PBA Press Corps president Gerry Ramos from further going on a tirade, though.

“FYI @mtnpeek. The PBA Press Corps are not paid hacks as what you’ve implied. Don’t put the blame on us abt ur failure to get a PBA award,” Ramos tweeted.

Ali tried to apologize and calm him down, but the writer slipped a jab at him in another tweet.

The press corps has not yet released an official statement as of this time.