The 5 worst PBA nicknames of all time

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The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) has had a long history of christening its players with hilarious nicknames over the years.

While most monikers are usually based on a player’s skillset or prominent features, PBA sportscasters seemed to prefer the most goofy-sounding ones that would surely endear to the masses.

Iconic broadcasters like Quinito “The Dean” Henson and Sev Sarmenta handled the name-giving duties in the past, while Mico Halili and Magoo Marjon took over the responsibility in today’s game.

Like it or not, it looks like these nicknames are here to stay.

Here at FOX Sports PH, we recently came out with the weirdest monikers in the PBA today.

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Now, it’s time to honor the ugliest nicknames that came before them.


“The Velvet Touch” Richie Ticzon

Current Navotas Clutch head coach Richie Ticzon was adorned for his outside shooting prowess back in his PBA playing days in the late 90s.

He was later dubbed as “The Velvet Touch”, which honestly sounds more suited for a cupcake flavor rather than a nickname for a grown man.


 “Jumbolado”, “The Lucky Charm” Cris Bolado

The late Cris Bolado was certainly a crowd favorite back in the day, often called by fans as “Jumbolado” for his burly physique.

A legitimate PBA journeyman, the pride of Lucban, Quezon suited up for seven PBA teams and managed to find success wherever he went.

Although he spent most of the time as a benchwarmer, Bolado actually won 11 titles in the PBA, earning him the nickname “The Lucky Charm”.


“The Snatcher” Wynnie Arboleda

The stocky point guard was a pest defensively and was always at the top of the league leaders in steals, but I wouldn’t go as far as labeling him a felon.

He did figure in a “Malice in Palace”-esque mauling back in 2009, so maybe he deserves the distinction.


“El Aparador” Joel Dualan

The man surely was as wide as a cabinet but should we really call him that?

The PBA’s own version of Robert “Tractor” Traylor, Dualan was a man among boys during his heyday and effectively used his brute size to overpower smaller defenders in the paint.


“El Basurero”, “The Scavenger” Freddie Abuda

Abuda’s nickname might have been as unflattering as they come, but it actually comes from his trademark hustle on the floor. Playing as an undersized power forward/center at 6’4, Abuda made a name for himself by cleaning up his teammates’ missed shots and mostly scoring on tip-ins and follow-ups.

Photo Credit: Cris Bolado Facebook Page

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