The secret to Blackwater guard Mike DiGregorio’s sweet shooting

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ALONG with Nard Pinto’s superb play last Governors’ Cup, a huge chunk of Blackwater’s overall offensive proficiency can also be attributed to Mike DiGregorio’s success from the perimeter.

Last conference, the Elite were first in three-point field goal percentage (36%). This helped their cause as they became the league’s second-most potent team on the offensive end, notching an average of 105.1 points per game in the eliminations.

DiGregorio top-scored for the locals by tallying 11.7 markers per game, and you can thank his shooting touch for that. Known to be very meticulous on his shooting mechanics, the Fil-Italian shared some of his ‘secrets’.

“I think the secret to success is just the work. I think I’ve said it before like preparation breeds confidence, and shooting is confidence,” Digregorio told FOX PH.

“It [dipping the ball] just happens naturally. Obviously, they try to teach you certain ways to shoot – have the elbow in or follow through and all that. It’s not going to be perfect-looking every single time.  I think the secret to a consistently good shot is just that — to be consistent. And if you consistently work at that and have the general proper mechanics of the elbow in and follow through, I think it ends up working out.” added the swingman.

With stalwarts like Pinto, Erram, and Zamar already being shipped to other teams, much of the team’s offensive cudgels might be placed on DiGregorio’s shoulders as they try to get ready for the upcoming 2019 season — a challenge in which the Fil-Italian doesn’t mind taking on.

“I know there’s a lot of people saying that because we lost Poy (Erram), or we don’t the same group we did last conference, that we’re not going to do as well. That remains to be seen but I’m confident in this group,” he ended.

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