UAAP: Baldwin lambasts ‘inappropriate’ refereeing in blowout win over NU

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Any head coach would have probably been happy getting the result the Ateneo Blue Eagles got over National University on Sunday.

Not Tab Baldwin.

The Kiwi mentor was none too pleased with the way the referees officiated late in the blowout and lambasted them for “refereeing to the score.”

“Last thing that I have to say about the game is that it annoys me when referees referee to the score. And it’s clear that they refereed to the score today. It’s inappropriate, it’s not good for the game. It’s not in the spirit of the game. And I sure like to know why they do that,” an irate Baldwin said after the game.

He argued that there were many uncalled foul calls against Ateneo just when his boys already erected an imposing lead in the fourth period.

“I’d like to know why the foul count skews considerably when you have a big lead. I’d like to know why players are allowed to push off, when we’re denying them the basketball for full court throughout the game. And they warned us for flopping,” he said.

“I’d like to know what is the rationale in the referee’s minds to change the way they referee because the score changes. And those are questions somebody should answer.”

After holding the Bulldogs to just 18 in the first half, the defending champions allowed their opponents to 28 second half points.

When prompted about whether or not he’s encountered such officiating before in his 35-year career, Baldwin answered in the affirmative.

He doesn’t want it to trickle down to the collegiate level, though.

“[W]e don’t need it in the [UAAP] just because in other places they do it. There’s no rationale for it. You should referee on the possession, on the merits of the possession. And nothing else. If there’s any other agenda working in referee’s minds, it’s inappropriate. And it annoys the hell out of me,” Baldwin said.

“Obviously, I’m sitting here like I should be happy, but I’m pissed off.”

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