Dragonmania: Wrestling house show culture EXPLAINED

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets SPW double champion, The Eurasian Dragon to school us in the ways of the pro wrestling house show culture.

In essence, non-televised live events, pro wrestling house shows are entertaining because they represent a break from wrestling monotony with more relaxed and creative matches as compared to their televised counterparts.

In Today’s Wrestling World…

Major companies like WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling can afford the luxury of running frequent house shows.

These smaller-scaled live events bring a slice of televised television action to different towns – letting fans get a dose of their favourite wrestling superstars.

The popularity of house shows in recent years has prompted the WWE to broadcast their 2015 Japan house show exclusively on their content network!

The Bling is in DA House (Show)!

Although infrequent, championship titles still change hands on house shows; I should know since I experienced it first-hand!

My 30th birthday saw Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) sanctioned a private house show to reward my contributions. As luck would have it, India’s Wrestle Square offered me a shot at their Intercontinental title on my birthday show – with me challenging and defeating one of Southeast Asia’s best, Sayn RH to capture a regional record fifth title win!

In addition, legends such as Bret Hart and Diesel have won world championships on non-televised events. It is also worth mentioning that wrestling icon, Ric Flair also won the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight Championship during a live event in Singapore, circa March 1984!


Building a Local House (Show) Revival… 

Photo courtesy of Grapplemax Dojo

On the local front, Grapplemax Dojo have been running mat-wrestling shows out of their gym for over a year now. Wrestling in close proximity to the audience, it is a whole different beast, and experience, from the conventional ring wrestling that we have all come to know and love.

Run by Greg Glorious and Dennis “The Ladykiller” Hui, Grapplemax showcases focus on Japanese wrestling fundamentals as advised by legendary Dick Togo and are widely regarded as the local wrestling’s version of cosy, stripped-down acoustic music gigs.

Kyle Black Magic in SPW’s WREproduction house show series. (Photo courtesy of SPW)

Likewise, I have always yearned for SPW to revive its own house show system.

After pushing for it for over a year, SPW commissioned the hilariously-named WREproduction series to let the current trainers help realise my idea, while letting our promising youngsters get a taste of live wrestling.

Head coach and international superstar The Statement even allowed our teenage talent, Kyle Black Magic, to incorporate magic tricks as part of his act!

Touched for the Very First Time!

I suppose my infatuation with house shows stems from two significant moments in my life.

Firstly in 2002, I attended my very first live wrestling event, as my childhood inspiration The Rock challenged Chris Jericho in the main event for the WWE Championship. I had already made my mind up to pursue wrestling even as a kid, and being around such vivacious energy fuelled my dream further.

Fast forward to 2012, and there I was celebrating my release from National Service by making my wrestling debut at SPW’s first in-house event. Facing the “Free Spirit” Luqman Adam, little did I know that my opponent would go on to become one of my best friends in the sport!

Photo courtesy of SPW

A Final Blast From the Past…

Strangely enough, did you know that the house show format used to be inverted in the past?

Televised shows were generally studio recordings devised to intrigue fans to attend larger non-televised live events. These studio broadcasts were a popular staple of the pro wrestling programming featured by the likes of WWE, NWA and Memphis Wrestling.

Furthermore, I believe that in a burgeoning region like Southeast Asia, taped studio productions featuring local talent will lead to increased live event capacities- fun times for fans and wrestlers alike!


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