The underground king: A chat with Eddie Alvarez

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There are many legends to be found across the sport of mixed martial arts, both past and present, and as such, the definition has taken on a handful of different meanings over the years. The personification of a legend tends to be an individual who has achieved great things throughout the course of their career, while still maintaining fantastic values and a great work ethic in the process. In our mind, there’s no better candidate for a title like that than Eddie Alvarez.

The Underground King has spent well over a decade proving to the world why he is just as good as he claims to be, and he’s done so in a variety of different promotions and organisations. Now, he’s taken his talents to ONE Championship, in a free agency period that certainly had a lot of people talking.

“You know I learn to kind of go with the flow. I don’t force anything. Whatever opportunities present themselves – just like a fight. Whatever opportunities present themselves I attack, and I make the most of it. I think ONE presented themselves, I’ll be in a Grand Prix which is great, and fighting for the only championship I haven’t won yet. I’m excited for this.”

Eddie is a warrior inside and outside of the cage which is one of the traits that sets him apart from the rest, with his willingness to get in there whenever he’s called upon being a valued asset. As he begins what could prove to be the final chapter of his phenomenal journey, it’s clear to see that he is more than happy to take the road less travelled in order to cement his legacy.

“For myself, I’ve never been one to go after an opponent or be disrespectful. If I ever have, it was out of character. It wasn’t something that is genuine about me. I can be my genuine self [in ONE], I can respect my opponent, I can go out there and still put on a crazy show like I always do.”

By that, we mean that he’s not prepared to take the easy way out. Eddie is set to take part in the upcoming Lightweight Grand Prix, and while there’s no confirmation as of yet in regards to the format, it seems incredibly likely that the victor of the Grand Prix will wind up challenging for the Lightweight Championship – which is quite clearly the end goal of this venture for Alvarez.

ONE seems to be the perfect kind of fit for him and that’s been the case for a variety of fighters as of late, with Demetrious Johnson and potentially Sage Northcutt also making the jump over to Asia. There’s a resurgence going on and it’s an exciting thing for them to be a part of, and while we may be covering it from a media perspective, as fans, it’s equally as thrilling to watch unfold.

Exclusive interview with Eddie Alvarez. #ONEChampionship

Posted by Asian Persuasion MMA on Wednesday, 7 November 2018

“I remember when I started here back in Asia. I just wanted to be a part of a big show like this. The production, everything, is top class. It’s a lot better than America, and it’s a lot of fun to be a part of.”

Eddie has a lot of heart and courage and you could even argue that we’re putting it too mildly because he’s still viewed as an inspiration to the masses in the present day. During the Heart of the Lion press conference yesterday the man himself summed it up perfectly by claiming that his switch to ONE Championship marks a fresh start, as the 34 year old’s attention turns towards what could be one of his best years ever.