Former World Champion Boxer hints he will be Conor McGregor’s next opponent

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It used to be a dream for fans to see their favorite combat sports fighters in different arenas of the sport, but thanks to the likes of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr., that is a thing of the past.

Their fight made billions, and as a result, a number of other fighters and promoters are chomping at the bit to secure a cross-platform fight of their own.

And British Boxer Amir Khan is no different.

The former two-time World Champion is gearing up to fight Terence Crawford on Saturday, but that might be just the start of his boxing journey in many ways.

Having accomplished so much already, Amir Khan hinted that he might just relish a cross-platform fight with the very best MMA has to offer.

“Conor McGregor vs Amir Khan would be a massive fight. It’d be huge, you’ve got Irish vs English so that’ll be massive,” Khan said.

“If that happens, I’m not one to turn away from that.”

“I mean it’s business, isn’t it? We’re at a level now where it makes great business like Floyd Mayweather. We all learned from Floyd Mayweather – how he makes fights happen.”

It may just be hearsay at the moment, but an Amir vs Conor fight would rake in billions, and attract just as many in terms of viewers too.

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