Ancajas keeps himself ‘real’ in spite of burgeoning fame

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Jerwin Ancajas’ latest win against Israel Gonzales via technical knockout in Corpus Christi, Texas has sent shockwaves once again in the world of boxing as he continues to further cement his status in sport’s elite level.

In spite of his rapid rise to fame, Jerwin Ancajas tells the media during his visit in Taguig (to show support to both competitors, Muhamad Ridhwan and Jeson Umbal, who are headlining for Ringstar’s “Roar of Singapore 4”) that he is keeping himself grounded by being “true to himself”.

He also keeps in his mind to be always thankful of the people who support and show recognition to him because he believes that even though he was able to attain notable success and achievements in his career, he believes he doesn’t deserve that much level of attention.

When the prospect for his next most probable fight against fellow Filipino fighter Jonas Sultan was touched upon, Jerwin treated the prospect in a professional manner giving credit to Sultan’s good performance and equally high-level of fighting ability to reach the point of being a title holder.

At the same time, Ancajas pointed that if ever their paths are meant to cross to be able to retain their respective titles and go to the next level, then he’ll just have to accept the challenge and do his best with no hard feelings – approaching the fight fully in a sporting sense.

But that doesn’t mean that he relishes on the prospect of going head-to-head against his countryman as he stated in the vernacular, “If only I have a choice, I would prefer going against a fighter of different nationality than a fellow Filipino.”

In closing, Jerwin told the media that he is taking the opportunities to the fullest as they come and he’s just waiting for his management on the next bout that will be confirmed from his three-fight contract with Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions.

With the current mindset Jerwin Ancajas has at the moment, greater things are yet to come.