What the FOX Sports moment: When Luisito Espinosa put the lights out to an entire Galaxy

“I don’t want Ruiz Jnr to be an ephemeral champion” says Mexican boxing icon Julio Cesar Chavez

The year: 1989; The place: Bangkok – It was on of the biggest, of ‘cosmic’ proportions, events in the world of boxing. Filipino fighter Luisito Espinosa transferred Thailand’s Khaokor Galaxy to a different universe.

Odds were stacked against Espinosa as Galaxy was the defending champion and the match situated in the former’s home country.

The crowd was very partisan, for sure, but come the start of the fight, Espinosa seemed to be confident in his stride, executing his dynamic style well into good use.

Come the late part of the first round “Earthquake” Espinosa let fly a 2-hit direct combo to the body and head of Galaxy that landed well probably started the damage.

That was when the defending champion began to lose control and began to rush to the challenger and traded blows.

The salvo from the two was brief, when both parted, a few significant seconds elapsed until suddenly the champion leaned backwards, lost his bearings then fully went unconscious for a temporary trip to La-la land.

The knockout shocked the home crowd.

The aftermath of the loss was big for Khaokor to deal with forcing him to retire from professional boxing.

For Espinosa though, the knockout added to his legend. The feat has become famous for being one of the most notable “delayed knockouts” in recorded in professional boxing.

A one FOXing moment. See here for the full fight.

FOX Sports. It was more than boxing. It was EPIC INTER-GALACTIC HISTORY that crossed the multi-verse.