Floyd Mayweather unharmed after Atlanta shooting

53 year-old Mike Tyson has still got it!

One of Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguards was wounded when a gunman in a vehicle opened fire on the former boxer’s motorcade in Atlanta on Monday, police have announced.

Mayweather was not in the vehicle that was fired upon and was not injured in the incident, a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department said.

Mayweather’s bodyguard Gregory LaRosa, who was shot in the leg, was released from hospital three hours after the shooting.

Mayweather’s entourage attended a nightclub earlier in the evening and were in three SUVs (sport utility vehicles) after leaving a diner at 2am.

A vehicle pulled up to the SUVs in an intersection and a gunman inside opened fire, striking LaRosa in the lower leg. The driver of the vehicle LaRosa was in drove immediately to a hospital.

Police believe the shooter was familiar with the entourage or the group of vehicles. Police are not sure if anything happened earlier in the evening that led to the shooting.

Mayweather was reportedly in Atlanta to promote a boxing event in Las Vegas on Saturday night.