Cruz: Bantamweight is my division

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Dominick Cruz has warned Demetrious Johnson that the Bantamweight division belongs to him.

In the aftermath of Johnson’s eighth consecutive successful UFC Flyweight title defence against Henry Cejudo last weekend at UFC 197, Dana White again hinted at a super-fight between Mighty Mouse and Cruz.

While Cruz is full of respect for what Johnson has achieved at Flyweight, he is adamant that fighting at Bantamweight is a completely different game and that it will again pose serious problems for Johnson.

A little over four years ago Cruz defeated Johnson to retain the UFC Bantamweight title.

Thereafter Johnson went down to fight at 125 lbs and Cruz remained at 135 lbs. Both have dominated ever since.

Cruz is open to the idea of a super-fight, insisting that if the fans want to see the bout then it should be arranged.

However, on a technical level, he believes that Johnson would be at a serious disadvantage by fighting at 135 lbs as he would give up size, length and reach.

“You look at DJ and you can’t deny that he is the best flyweight ever,” Cruz said to The MMA Hour.

“He’s done great things. He’s defended the title. He’s going after a record of Anderson Silva’s right now.

“I think people want to see Demetrious move up because he’s just smashing these guys at 125.

“Everybody wants to see that untouchable guy beaten. It’s just the way the world works.

“It’s not just about technique anymore. You’ve got to deal with three other things. You’ve got to deal with size, length, reach. All these other things just add so much to the equation.

“It changes the fight so much, you have to respect body mechanics. And when size, length, reach, all that stuff is adding into the fight, it changes the fight’s dynamics completely. It doesn’t matter how good you are, because body mechanics can change everything.

“Super-fights are at their highest demand right now.

“People want to see them. People like them. And if that’s what the fans want to see, and that’s what the people are going to buy, throw us on a pay-per-view.

“If a million people want to see that fight, and we sell it, maybe that can be the first time DJ has some of the best sales he’s ever had in his career because people want to see him fight me. I’m not opposed to it.

“He’s the best Flyweight ever. I agree with that. But, when you’re coming up to 135 pounds, that’s my division. Period.”