Khabib backing Cormier over Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar may be returning to the UFC, but Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t believe it will be a victorious one.

Following Daniel Cormier’s victory over Stipe Miocic in the July superfight for the heavyweight championship, the UFC introduced Lesnar in the octagon. In a page right out of the WWE playbook, Cormier and Lesnar faced off and had a little scuffle as a prelude to a potential matchup.

The fight is labeled as ‘potential’ as former champion Lesnar still has to undergo testing at USADA, who he has a dodgy history with at best. This is something that Nurmagomedov – Cormier’s long-time training partner at American Kickboxing Academy – alluded to.

“First of all, he can come back, be clean, work with USADA a little bit,” the Russian told MMA Junkie.

“USADA come to my house more than 20 times. I don’t know how many times USADA comes to his house.”

When quizzed about who would win the clash, Nurmagomedov was adamant it would be one-sided.

“If you talk about Brock Lesnar about striking or wrestling – how can he beat DC?” he continued.

“I don’t understand this. DC is very tough guy. I think 99 percent DC can beat him. Only one percent [Lesnar can win]. This is my opinion.”