UFC Fight Night: Korean Zombie vs Yair Rodriguez results

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UFC Fight Night comes to us Saturday night (11/10/2018) from Denver where the Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung takes on Yair Rodriguez in a featherweight headliner. Stay with us for the live results as we cover each fight on the card.

The entire card is as follows:

Main card (10 pm ET)

Chan Sung Jung vs. Yair Rodriguez

A game of chess, is what this is. Yair Rodriguez opens up like an absolute surgeon, and is going to work on Korean Zombie’s front leg. Inside leg kicks, outside leg kicks and the Jon Jones obilique kick. And his jab was on point. From Yair’s point of view, keep him at a distance.

For the Zombie, it was the exact opposite. He did eat shots from outside, but in the moments that he did manage to close the distance, he had Yair flailing to create some space. A very intriguing first round.

Do these two know how to put on a show or what?! Both fighters seem much more inclined to let their hands fly as Zombie leads with his one two, trying to walk Yair into a sickening right hook that he’s throwing with power. And Yair, despite backing up, looks on point with his counter striking.

Towards the end of the round, Yair started to flow and landed a spinning elbow that possible split Zombie’s lip. But there’s no stopping the Zombie who, true to his name, just kept walking forward.

This is a fantastic fight already. Round 2 in the books.

Round 3 and Korean Zombie’s power is coming into the fore. As he walks Yair down, Zombie’s punches are really starting to tell on the flashy Mexican. Yair is by no means out of the fight, still keeping his kicks and counter left hooks busy, but Zombie’s jab and follow up right straight has busted up Yair’s nose and is slowly taking this fight away from him.

This fight has descended into a bloody mess. The Zombie’s jab and strong right hand has really busted Yair’s nose up, it’s leaking blood like a tap. Zombie isn’t in a much better state either, with Yair returning fire with gusto. Just, the power in Zombie’s strikes seems to have Yair backing up more often than not, and there was a nice right hand that stunned him and pushed him back towards the fence momentarily.

But neither man is done by any stretch of imagination. This is a proper war.


The fifth and final round seemed to settle into much like how the fourth was. Zombie’s power was the telling factor, with Yair backing up, but Yair was never out of it for even one second. The two fighters even took a second (a couple of times) to just stop fighting and take it all in.

But just as the fight was ticking down, in the final second. And I’m not exaggerating here, at the 4 minutes 59 second mark, as Zombie was rushing in with a flurry, Yair bent down and came over the top with the back of his elbow. And that flatlined the Zombie.

Flat. He slumped to the mat, lifeless.

That was unbelievable. I don’t even know how to describe that elbow. You wouldn’t have seen anything like that. What a victory for Yair Rodriguez. What a performance by Zombie.

What a way to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the UFC. This is fighting, ladies and gents.


Donald Cerrone vs Mike Perry

Time for fireworks, as the people’s main event kicks off.

Both Mike Perry and Donald Cerrone square off, with neither wanting to push the pace and get caught by a big strike. Perry tries to take Cerrone’s head off with a couple of big uppercuts, but Cerrone’s just way too far away, and evades easily. They clinch, and trade knees.

Twice Cerrone tries to take Perry down, but both times, Perry stuffs the takedown. No bueno.

However, towards the end of the round, Perry takes Cowboy down with a nice outside leg trip and tries to advance position, but Cowboy bucks him to get on top. He tries to take Perry’s back but the Platinum one gets up and shucks him off.

And then he makes the mistake of getting into Cowboy’s guard. Cowboy threatens a triangle, but when that doesn’t work, he clamps on an arm bar. Mike Perry tries to slam him but that doesn’t work. The arm bar is sunk in and Cowboy gets the tap. Impressive from the veteran.

Cowboy moves on to take the record for most number of victories in UFC history and most number of finished in UFC history.

Result: Donald Cerrone def. Mike Perry via submission (arm bar) in Round 1

Raquel Pennington vs. Germaine de Randamie

Raquel Pennington tries to spring one on de Randamie with a punch off the glove touch, but the Iron Lady recovers quickly to engage again. Pennington however didn’t seem to want to exchange too much on the feet and clinched her way to the fence, where she spent the majority of the round pressuring de Randamie. In the brief separation they did get in the dying seconds, de Randamie seemed to land and briefly hurt Pennington with a crisp one two – highlighting the sense behind Pennington’s grappling heavy approach. No takedowns, but if she can control de Randamie against the fence and prevent her from doing too much damage, it’s totally worth it.

Round 2 begins and Rocky decieds to stand and trade with de Randamie – bad decision. Germaine picks her apart for the majority of the round with stiff jabs, clever distance management and hard counter shots when Pennington shoots in with single strikes. Eventually, Pennington wins back some measure of control by plastering de Randamie against the fence but not too much damage was dealt there. Strong showing from de Randamie. Pennington’s nose is busted up and bleeding.

de Randamie is such a master at distance control, weaving out of the way of Rocky’s strikes and coming back with her long reach to land stinging right counters and left hooks. Rocky is being completely outmatched on the feet, and has to resort to holding de Randamie against the cage in an attempt to get a takedown again – she hasn’t even succeeded once on the night.

Any and all the damage landed seems to be courtesy of de Randamie, the only drawback being she’s not really letting her hands go to look for a finish. Still, should be enough to get a victory.

Result: Germaine de Randamie def. Raquel Pennington via UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Beneil Dariush vs. Thiago Moises

What a crushing round for Beneil Dariush, without really threatening a finish. They start throwing a few strikes on the feet but Dariush quickly closes distance and takes the fight to the cage, where it’s all him. Dariush has grinding, wearing pressure against the cage where Moises is relegated to just defending against giving up position throughout the round. Dariush also lands a few telling blows from top position, in case there was any doubt who won that round. (There wasn’t)

Round 2 was a rinse and repeat of Round 1. Dariush quickly took the fight to the cage where Moises seems out of options, grinds against him, takes him down and controls him – this time from the back. There seems to be an inevitability about how the fight plays out when it hits the ground. There is absolutely nothing Moises has for Dariush to prevent him from having his way in the grappling department. The round ends with Dariush attempting to lock in a RNC but Moises just about defending.

Round 3 begins where Round 2 left off; Moises lands a couple of crisp right hands on the feet but Dariush throws a couple of heavy body kicks to force Moises towards the cage and from there, it’s same old, same old. The rest of the round ticks down with Dariush against controlling Moises emphatically and landing heavy shots on the ground. Complete one sided fight. Complete domination from Dariush. A good way to get back on his feet with a victory after being winless in his last 4.

Result: Beneil Dariush def. Thiago Moises via UD (30-25, 30-25,30-26)


Maycee Barber vs. Hannah Cifers

Maycee Barber opened up more free and bouncing around on the fence but Cifers has odd footwork that’s pretty hard to time. The round is fought predominantly in the clinch, with both women landing hard shots in the phonebooth. Maycee Barber seems to be the stronger  physically of the two and it’s showing when they clinch. Tough round to call, but Barber may have imposed her will a tad more.

That got pretty brutal pretty fast. Maycee Barber gets into the clinch with Cifers after landing her headkick a couple of times, and nails absolutely brutal elbows that slice opens Cifers’ face. From there, all that remained was Cifers being taken down and Maycee Barber taking top position. Despite being threatened by a heel hook submission, Barber still managed to land heavy, heavy shots on the ground that looked painful even watching through the television.

Cifers was still motioning to defend herself, but such was a ferocity of Barber’s attack that the referee was forced to stop it. Impressive, impressive victory for the 20 year old Barber in her home state. A star is born.

Result: Maycee Barber def. Hannah Cifers via TKO in 2:01 of Round 2


Mike Trizano vs. Luis Pena

They both start off showing each other looks on the feet with Trizano focussing on kicking out Pena’s lead leg while Pena tries to land that straight left hand. But there wasn’t much by way of connection from either fighter and Pena probably takes the round when he goes for the take down attempt and closes the distance. They grapple against the cage for the remainder of the round with Pena pushing for the takedown while Trizano defends.

Round 2 begins on the same vein as round 1 – with neither fighter getting the clear upper hand on the feet, they hit the canvas again, but Pena ends up with a body triangle and on Trizano’s back. He attempts a rear naked choke that appears tight for a second but Trizano turns into him and ends the round on top, landing a few nice hammerfists.

Trizano comes out in Round 3 looking full of intent, and clearly has the better of the exchanges on the feet. That inside leg kick has been available to him all day and his punches seem much more crisp and on point. They engage in grappling again, though and it’s a more even playing field. Pena seems to be pushing for a takedown when Trizano reverses and tries to press his advantage. They break for the last 40 seconds and throw down on the feet, which Trizano gets the better of with a couple of nice right hands.

Another close fight this. Hard to call.

Result: Michael Trizano def. Luis Pena via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)


FS1 Prelims (8 pm ET)

Ashley Yoder vs. Amanda Cooper

Amanda Cooper gets the better of the initial striking exchanges by being on the front foot but Ashley Yoder starts getting her own licks in with that her left straight. Eventually, the fight hits the cage and Cooper gets the takedown and starts to advance position. Yoder, however, reverses by threatening a triangle and ends up on top, to end the round with a measure of control. Still Cooper’s round though.

Yet another scrappy round begins with them trading strikes on the feet before the fight hits the ground. Initially Yoder maintains control but Cooper soon reverses position to land a particularly telling elbow that sort of seals the round for her. Still, a close-ish fight.

They begin by trading strikes on the feet, Cooper presses forward but Yoder stays technical and makes her shots count. Inevitably, they hit the ground yet again and both fighters seem intent to get the finish. Cooper threatens with an arm bar but Yoder escapes and attempts a crank of her own, as the time runs out. Close fight, this.

Result: Ashley Yoder def. Amanda Cooper via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)


Chas Skelly vs. Bobby Moffett

An eventful round 1 that starts off with both men willing to engage on the feet, sees Chas Skelly do the majority of the damage from a body triangle position having taken the back of Moffett. Moffett defends the submission attempt but has to eat a bunch of strikes in doing so. He does free himself towards the end of the round from Skelly’s clutches, but it’s probably too little, too late for him to salvage the round.

Controversy abounds as Moffett takes Skelly down in round 2 after a few crisp exchanges on the feet, and attempts to secure a submission attempt. But while Skelly tries to work himself out of the position Moffett presses his offence and starts landing strikes upon which the referee steps in to call an end to proceedings – a little too early. It was a bad stoppage and even the audience seems to know it.

Tsk, tsk.

Result: Bobby Moffett def. Chas Skelly via TKO in 2:43 of Round 2

Davi Ramos vs. John Gunther

Yet another early finish in this one. Yet again an errant kick proves to be a fighter’s downfall as Gunther is taken down by Ramos and immediately, gets his back taken. From then on, it’s a question of when and not if as Ramos works his way into securing a tight rear naked choke and taps out Gunther for a comfortable first round victory.

Result: Davi Ramos def. John Gunther via submission (RNC) in 1:57 of Round 1

Devonte Smith vs. Julian Erosa

This one’s over before it even really begins. Erosa’s leg kicks are punished by Devonte Smith’s one-two down the pipe that stuns him and drops him.

Smith swarms him and lands a barrage of punches on the ground and the referee has no choice but to call a stop to the proceedings.

Result: Devonte Smith def. Julian Erosa via KO in 0:46 of Round 1

UFC Fight Pass Early Prelims (7 pm ET)

Joseph Morales vs. Eric Shelton

Straight away Morales starts on the front foot but largely, that plays into Shelton’s plan, which is to draw his opponent on, counter him and move. Morales attempts a headkick a couple of times and get staggered with a straight right for his troubles. Morales puts a stamp on the round with a couple of nice takedowns towards the end, despite having to survive a guillotine attempt.

Shelton continues his mastery over distance to begin the round but very soon, it hits the mat. Morales attempts to lock on another guillotine – this time tighter – but Shelton’s head pops out and he sees out the round on top, landing shots. A slight scare at the end for him as Morales locks in a triangle, but with the clock winding down, nothing comes of it

Round 3 plays out largely on the ground as Shelton is on the attack for the most part, but Morales’ submission threat is always present. In the end though, it would seem that Morales’ inability to give up the takedown to Shelton could come back to haunt him.

Result: Eric Shelton def. Joseph Morales via split decision (29-28, 27-30, 30-27)

Mark de la Rosa vs. Joby Sanchez
The fighters come out both willing to trade and exchange. Joby Sanchez seemed to have the better distance control in Round 1 but de la Rosa counters that by willing to take one to land one. Late on, de la Rosa starts landing calf kicks to limit the circling movement of Sanchez.

Sanchez’ footwork is on display again in Round 2 but de la Rosa is willing to walk him down to land his power shots. There were a couple of nice grappling situations against the cage where Sanchez had to defend the takedown, but fight remained standing. Close round, but de la Rosa with the upper hand.

Joby Sanchez’ regains a measure of distance control as he keeps de la Rosa on the end of his jab for the most part of this round. de la Rosa did have his moments, with a stiff right hand that wobbled Sanchez momentarily late on – but for the most part, it was an even round.

Result: Mark de la Rosa def. Joby Sanchez via split decision (29-28, 28-29,30-27) 

Preview of the main card fights

Chan Sung Jung vs. Yair Rodriguez

The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung is an enigmatic fan favourite who brings it every time he steps into the Octagon. Yair Rodriguez perfectly captures the essence of the next-gen fighter; a flashy, wild striker who often throws caution to the wind in search of an explosive finish.

When these two meet inside the Octagon, fireworks are a certainty.

The Zombie is coming off a very impressive knockout victory over Dennis Bermudez, but has been out of action for almost 2 years due to his commitments back home in South Korea.

Yair Rodriguez steps in as a short notice replacement for the man who he suffered a loss to in his previous fight, Frankie Edgar, after the Answer pulled out with an injury.

With both fighters keen to generate some momentum towards a title push – the Zombie after a layoff and Rodriguez after a loss – something has to give in this cracker of a main event.


Donald Cerrone vs. Mike Perry

This is, by all accounts, the people’s main event. Not only is it virtually impossible to eke out a boring fight from either Cowboy or the Platinum one, but this particular fight has all the makings of a testy affair with the whole Mike Winkeljohn – Cowboy Cerrone saga playing out around it as well.

Long story short, Cowboy left Jackson- Wink because of Mike Winkeljohn and Mike Perry, who made the gym his home at just about that time, got drawn into the affair. The UFC didn’t waste a second in booking them against each other.

As we’ve often seen, gym rivalries have thrown up some of the most entertaining contests inside of the Octagon (think back to Chuck Liddell – Tito Ortiz, Jon Jones – Rashad Evans or TJ Dillashaw – Cody Garbtandt). And heading into this one, where both fighters are vocal about wanting to add the other to their respective highlight reels, it promises not to disappoint yet again.


Raquel Pennington vs. Germaine de Randamie

The Iron Lady Germaine de Randamie perhaps holds the reputation of being the UFC’s most uneventful champion after winning the women’s Featherweight belt by defeating Holly Holm in February 2017, only to have it stripped shortly after for inactivity.

She will be returning to the Octagon, this time at 135 pounds, to try and set the record straight against another fighter who’s last fight was a title fight in Raquel Pennington.

Pennington, however, was handily defeated by Champion Amanda Nunes in her UFC 224 Title fight and will be looking to make amends by getting one over on the former Featherweight Champion.

Oh and did I mention? Both women like nothing more than to stand and trade.

This fight promises to be yet another shootout on the main card.


Beneil Dariush vs. Thiago Moises

Beneil Dariush was once a ranked fighter in the UFC Lightweight division and will want to return to the inspired 7 wins out of 8 run that put him there.

He is, however, coming off 3 winless fights and has the perfect opponent in the form of Thiago Moises, who is a UFC newcomer.

But as always in the fight business, every gilt edged opportunity is a double edged sword. This could either be the perfect fight for Beneil Darish to pick up some momentum or it could be a fantastic way for debutant Moises to announce himself on the UFC stage.


Maycee Barber vs. Hannah Cifers

Strawweights Maycee Barber and Hannah Cifers both have a golden opportunity to get noticed as they are thrust into the deep end straight away, making their UFC bows smack in the middle of a happening UFC Fight Night featuring legends like the Korean Zombie and Donald Cerrone.

With Rose Namajunas beginning her era of dominance over the division with a pair of victories over former Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and the division still seeking its next contender, this is the perfect time for the strawweights to make a statement with a strong performance.


Mike Trizano vs. Luis Pena

The fight that everyone felt had to happen at The Ultimate Fighter season 27 is finally playing out as winner Mike Trizano faces the man with the claim of the coolest nickname in MMA, Mike ‘Violent Bob Ross’ Pena as the first fight on the main card.

Many felt that Luis Pena was a strong favourite to win the season 27 of TUF, but he sustained a foot injury that ruled him out of progressing in the show.

Mike Trizano, who incidentally ended up being the eventual winner, now has the chance to show everyone that his victory was entirely deserved while Pena has the opportunity to do something very few fighters in MMA have – to rewrite history.