Latest UFC News: What Khabib Nurmagomedov is doing in Africa, Yair Rodriguez and Korean Zombie meet in the hospital and more (11/12/2018)

Alistair Overeem finishes Aleksei Oleinik with vicious knees

Welcome to our latest UFC News roundup for 12 November 2018, and as usual the stories and narratives from the world of MMA are as varied and interesting as ever.

From UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov’s social outreach in Africa, Chas Skelly’s extremely classy reaction to getting blatantly robbed in his UFC Denver fight, celebrating 25 years of the UFC, Mike Perry’s honest assessment of his fight and a gladdening exchange of respect between Yair Rodriguez and Chan Sung Jung in the are some of the more interesting goings-on in the sport we all love.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s UFC Championship belt is gold – as is his heart, apparently.

Real recognise real. The words ‘A real champion’ says so much more than it reads.

Brutal inside the cage, brutally honest outside it. Mike Perry is a big enough man to poke fun at himself and congratulate his opponent, even when he’s healing up a broken arm.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, they say. But in this case, it genuinely seems like these two like each other. Oh, and do watch the video of them training together too.

Cris Cyborg and Valentina Shevchenko training together UFC 231 UFC 232

Cris Cyborg gets set to fight Amanda Nunes Leoa while Valentina Shevchenko is fighting Joanna Jedrzejczyk so they decided to train together Cris Cyborg's Fitness Martial Arts Academy of Huntington Beach

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์ž์กด์‹ฌ์ด ์ •๋ง ๋งŽ์ด ์ƒํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค..๋งŽ์ด ์ชฝํŒ”๋ฆฌ๊ณ ..ํ•˜ํ•˜.. ๊ทธ๋ž˜๋„.. ํƒœ๊ถŒ๋„๋ฅผ ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•˜๊ณ  ์‹œ์ข…์ผ๊ด€ ์˜ˆ์˜๋ฐ”๋ฅธ ์–ด๋ฆฐ์นœ๊ตฌ์—๊ฒŒ ์ง„์‹ฌ์œผ๋กœ ์ถ•ํ•˜์˜ ๋ง์„ ์ „ํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค. ์ด๋ฒˆ ์‹œํ•ฉ์€ ์ด์ •๋„๋กœ ๋งŒ์กฑํ•ด์•ผํ•˜๊ฒ ๋„ค์š”. ์ด์ œ๋Š” ์ •๋ง ๊ดœ์ฐฎ์Šต๋‹ˆ๋‹ค!! ๋‹ค๋“ค ๊ณ ๋งˆ์›Œ์š”!!

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Marc Raimondi of MMA Fighting translates Korean Zombie’s Instagram post. He may have felt he lost that fight, but a lot of the MMA world probably felt he won anyway.

In case you haven’t had this picture imbibed in your consciousness already – another reminder of the inexpressible amounts of respect you gain for one another when you have a fight like they did.

Roxy’s next goal. It really doesn’t matter though, especially when it’s badass enough that she fights to make a living.

All class from Chas Skelly. Wonder if the State Athletic Commission and referee would take a page from his book though?

John Kavanagh has his priorities straight.

When you have a fight like that, you’re allowed to change your profile picture and post the same picture to tell the world that you’ve changed your profile picture.

Not sure if Adesanya can afford to ‘dumb down’ his skillset, especially when Dan Hooker is preparing for Edson Barboza next…

Anyone notice Rickson Gracie in the background there? How insane is it that he’d have probably won UFC 1 too if he’d taken part instead of his brother.

Cris Cyborg giving props to Claressa Shields. For anyone wondering who that is, she is one of the few women walking this earth who can get the better of Cyborg on the feet.

Khabib when he was 17 years old. Straight killer behind the smile.

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Vintage Scott Coker. Direct, simple and speaks his mind. Stand up bloke.ย 

When everyone talks MMA pioneers, they tend to focus on the fighters and promoters. But this man has been there overseeing the sport, curating it and refereeing it from day zero.


Anatomy of a Fighter produces some of the best close up videos of a MMA fighter’s life. Apparently he’s a hell of a guy too.