5 times karma caught up with cocky fighters

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If you’re a part of the mixed martial arts or boxing world in some way, shape or form, then you’ll understand that cocky fighters aren’t all too difficult to find. Whether it be because of their natural personality or the character they want to try and portray, some guys and girls just don’t know when to stop.

The following five fighters who ‘suffered the consequences’ so to speak have all had their own great moments in the limelight, but unfortunately, these instances will follow them around for quite some time to come.

It’s worth noting that we’ve gone for a mixture of boxing examples as well as MMA examples here, because this theme runs throughout all forms of combat sports. In the end, it doesn’t matter who you are, because nobody is invincible.

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Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman

It almost felt like Anderson Silva knew he was going to beat Chris Weidman one way or another, so instead of going down the easy route, he took it upon himself to toy with the American. As we all know it didn’t exactly go well for him, and The Spider has never really recovered – although he’ll get a chance to climb back towards the top of the ladder against Israel Adesanya.

Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana

Marcos Maidana’s win over Adrien Broner was just about as emphatic as he could’ve hoped for it to be, as he put an end to Adrien’s unbeaten run. The American tried to be cocky but it just didn’t work out in the way he was expecting it to, with Maidana getting the last laugh in what would prove to be his final professional boxing victory.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

This one is still pretty fresh and while Tyson Fury is the one receiving all of the plaudits in the aftermath of this fight, it’s worth noting that he almost wound up looking pretty silly. After teasing Wilder and walking around with his hands behind his back, the Gypsy King was laid flat out on his back by Deontay after a vicious combination. Somehow, he got up, but if he didn’t then the ridicule likely would’ve ensued.

Joe Harding vs Johan Sega

Joe Harding is never going to forget about this night, and perhaps that’s a good thing. In life we need to learn that, sometimes, we need to be taken down a peg or two – and Harding was certainly given a reality check when he decided to dance in the cage with Johan Sega.

James Gallagher vs Ricky Bandejas

James Gallagher is an extremely exciting young prospect in the realms of Irish MMA, and in the realms of Europe as a whole. Unfortunately for him Ricky Bandejas didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to lie down and just allow James to continue his run to the top, with Ricky punishing Gallagher for taking him lightly. In the long run this’ll almost certainly help him but at the time, it must have been utterly humiliating.