WATCH: UFC 236 – Nikita Krylov gets the ultimate revenge on Ovince St-Preux by submitting him in the rematch

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5 years after OSP submitted Krylov, the Ukranian gets the ultimate revenge on his opponent by submitting him in their UFC 236 rematch.

It was all Krylov from the beginning of the fight as his angles and striking output was too much for OSP to deal with, forcing the burly American to shoot for takedowns repeatedly.

Now for someone who doesn’t wrestle too often – like OSP – that approach is a double edged sword. While it did keep Krylov subdue for a bit, it tired out OSP quickly and he was spotted drawing deep breaths with his mouth wide open towards the end of round 1.

Round 2 and Krylov came out swinging, backed up OSP, took him down and worked till he got the RNC finish.

The Miner comes full circle in 5 years. He submits the opponent who submitted him.

Nikita Krylov submits OSP in the rematch to avenge his loss