5 Health & Fitness Tips for Young Male Professionals

It’s 5:30. You’re finishing off those last few emails and getting ready to call it a day. While seeing a movie, having dinner out or grabbing a drink with friends all sound like fun ways to end the work day, leading a fit and healthy lifestyle despite a busy schedule does wonders for the body, mind and soul.

Here are 5 things to help you get into the habit of staying naturally cool and confident through a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Be Flexible. Always Be Ready to Work-Out Anywhere.

There are plenty of gyms in every major business hub, whether it’s BGC, Ortigas, Makati or QC. Most gyms have a website and social media accounts so your next membership is never more than a click away. Most well-known gyms offer classes if you don’t have your own program or can create programs according to your fitness goals. Look into sport-specific gyms for boxing, MMA and even cycling.

Without a membership, there’s plenty of ways to keep fit outside of a gym. Running tracks and paths in BGC, the Ayala Triangle in Makati, and the UP Diliman campus are all frequented by running enthusiasts looking to get a good sweat. Free public swimming pools are also available with a quick look online. Biking to and from work is also an option and increasingly popular given the traffic in Metro Manila.

PRO TIP: Keep a gym bag handy in your car or office locker so you’re ready to go any time.

Complement Your Workout By Eating Healthy

Eating right is as equally important as getting your daily workout in. Getting into the habit of eating healthy, portion control and proper hydration pays dividends in the long run, not to mention preventing the aggravation and stress of health complications moving forward.

Pre-packed meals delivered right at your office is a great way to not only ensure you’re getting the right kind of food in, it also takes away the stress of having to choose where to eat and the time it takes to go out and have lunch. Healthy snack alternatives like fruits and grains are also a great way of keeping calories down between meals.

Gear Up With The Latest Fitness Apps & Gadgets

Technology and innovation has made working out not only more fun, but also helps you keep track of progress and motivates you to continue your routine.

Wearable technology allows you to monitor steps, calories burnt, sleep patterns, water intake and your heart rate, among others, so you can see and record your progress throughout the week.  Most smartphones have health apps built in, but there are many apps you can download for more in-depth analysis of your workout, that usually come with their own brand of wearable technology that’s not only stylish but also functional.

Stay Properly Hydrated

There are multiple studies that vary on the amount of water one should consume each day, but most (if not all) will agree that proper intake of water is crucial in maintaining physical health. Most of us only think to drink whenever we work out or eat, but keeping a steady flow of water and other fluids is vital in keeping our bodies in tip-top shape.

Hydrate before a workout to ensure you are properly fueled going in, hydrate after to make sure you replenish what you lose.

Stay Loyal to Your Workout

Probably THE most important thing out of everything, more than any gym, piece of equipment or diet, is keeping it real with your chosen fitness goals. As the popular adage goes, “It works if you work it”.

Get a plan, stick to it, and enjoy the results.

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