Rock band Imagine Dragons invests in esports company

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Celebrities and sports teams are slowly making their way in the esports industry, as they have acknowledged its growth in the years to come. Now, Imagine Dragons, a rock band we all know and love, is setting their sights on a major investment in esports.

ReKTGlobal, an esports agency, has announced that two members of Imagine Dragons have agreed to become the company’s new investment partners. Imagine Dragon’s Daniel Platzman and Wayne Sermon will be having a stake in ReKTGlobal and will also be co-owners of Rogue, an esports team, with EDM artist Steve Aoki.

Amish Shah, Founder of ReKTGlobal, said that they are excited to welcome Imagine Dragons on board.

“Between the band and Steve Aoki, we’re building a powerful group of enthusiastic brand ambassadors and leaders to help us as we continue to build the esports industry and create championship-winning franchises with Team Rogue.” he said.

The members of Imagine Dragons are no beginners when it comes to the world of esports. Last 2014, they wrote “Warriors” for the League of Legends World Championship which saw Samsung Galaxy White taking home $1 Million. They also performed the song on stage at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in South Korea where the finals were held.

Their influence will also be a major advantage in the company. The band sold more than seven million records off their debut album and peaked at the billboard charts. They have been nominated for four grammys and won best rock performance.

Mac Reynolds, manager of Imagine Dragons, said the band loves esports and have been finding a way to contribute to the community until now.

“We expect to see esports continue its rapid growth internationally, and we think Rogue and ReKTGlobal are the partners who will help make our hometown of Las Vegas the premiere team and gaming event destination.”

Imagine Dragons Going “Rogue”

Rogue has been a top-tier esports team in the United States, having won numerous titles in Overwatch and CS:GO. Imagine Dragons’ involvement will get them even more in the limelight and attract potential sponsors. Steve Aoki has also been a frontrunner in promoting the team, even having his picture on the team’s official website.

“The Imagine Dragons team is going to be an important part of Rogue’s future and the future of Las Vegas,” said Rogue CEO and Co-founder Derek Nelson.

“As we continue to build championship-winning teams and build the city as the premier destination for American esports, the influence of Imagine Dragons and Steve Aoki will be the driving force behind it.”