Top 7 highest Esports Earners of All-Time

Back in the old times, video games are just a form of entertainment for children.

Now, millions of people are getting in the esports craze and investing their time and effort into honing their skills just to have a chance of making it big and earning money in the scene.

While many have already made huge progress in their careers, some players had luck in their side and hit a huge jackpot in the esports scene more than anybody else. Here are some of the wealthiest players who have made a fortune as esports athletes. Do take note that the reason why all of them are Dota 2 players is due to the fact that they have the largest prize pool ever in any esports events.

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Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi

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Game: Dota 2

Total Earnings: $3,625,554.41

KuroKy is probably the most famous person on the list. He was a former member of power-house teams such as Natus Vincere and Team Secret alongside Dota 2 veteran Puppey and was also famous for having attended every The International. They were considered as one of the best duos in the game until he left Team Secret and formed Team Liquid.

They then went on to secure crucial wins in majors and minors, making them eligible to play in The International 2017. They were able to knock down Newbee in the finals with a 3-0 sweep, finally winning it all after years of failed attempts with his previous teams.

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi

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Game: Dota 2

Total Earnings: $3,199,686.88

Miracle- was part of Team Liquid that won The International 2017. Before joining Team Liquid, he was a member of Team OG alongside N0tail. They competed in the International before but had an abysmal performance after losing to the underdogs, TNC.

Aside from his competitive career, he was also known to be the first player in Dota 2 career to reach a matchmaking rating of 9000, which shows how dedicated he is to perfecting his craft.

 Saahil “UNiVeRsE” Arora

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Game: Dota 2

Total Earnings: $2,984,603.47

UNiVeRsE is another famous Dota 2 player that is considered as one of the best offlaners in the North American scene. He was known as one of the pillars of Evil Geniuses during their championship run in The Internationals 2015.

His active participation in competitive Dota has helped him in becoming an effective player, having played in almost all of the events sponsored by Valve, except for the first Internationals.

Ivan “MinD_ContRoL ” Ivanov

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Game: Dota 2

Total Earnings: $2,966,761.36

MinD_ContRoL was one of the newest players in the competitive scene. Having started his pro career last 2014, he found his break after joining the newly formed Team Liquid with team Captain Kuroky. They had their ups and downs in tournaments, having exited early in The International 2016.

They quickly bounced back the following year. Winning four back-to-back LAN games and earning them a spot in The International 2017. They were unstoppable in the Internationals, eventually winning it all against Newbee.

 Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen

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Game: Dota 2

Total Earnings: $2,966,465.64

MATUMBAMAN was one of the players who KuroKy recruited after leaving Team Secret. He is known as the quirkiest member of Team Liquid who likes to crack jokes and take the spotlight whenever the team is on the stage. Despite his jolly attitude, he was a key member in Team Liquid’s victory as a hard carry.

 Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan

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Game: Dota 2

Total Earnings: $2,715,639.14

SumaiL is an exceptional player who was one of the youngest ever to win a major DOTA tournament and The Internationals at only 16 years old. He was discovered by EG in a ranked game. They saw his potential as a mid laner and immediately recruited him to be part of the team. He learned so fast that he already made headlines in his second tournament at the Dota 2 Asian Championships where they placed first.

He was also one of the main firepowers in Evil Genius’ extraordinary run at The Internationals 2015. They fought their way through the losers bracket and eventually fought CDEC in a grueling 3-1 finish.

 Peter “ppd” Dager

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Game: Dota 2

Total Earnings: $2,660,673.82

ppd started out his gaming career first in Heroes of Newerth, along with his former teammate Zai. They quickly adjusted when they switched to Dota 2. Despite being very outspoken and salty, ppd is considered as one of the best drafters and strategist in Dota 2. He was part of Evil Genius along with SumaiL and UNiVeRse when they captured the Aegis in The International 2015, giving North America their first ever win in the International.