Even in Fortnite’s shadow, PUBG celebrates 50 million copies sold

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While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is arguably the progenitor of the ‘Battle Royale’ genre, it has long been eclipsed by Fortnite: Battle Royale in terms of popularity and sales. But that did not stop PUBG from reaching a landmark 50 million copies sold.

The game’s sales milestone also places it as the 5th best-selling game of all time, just behind Nintendo’s Wii Sports with 83 million. Each copy of PUBG is usually priced at around $30, which places the game’s profits at around $1.5 billion over the course of one year and three months. For comparison, the research firm SuperData reported that Fortnite generated around $300 million in the month of April alone.

PUBG also announced that it now had 400 million total players, with 227 million playing monthly while 87 million playing daily. If PUBG’s reports are true, its figures dwarf that of Fortnite, which recently announced it now has a total of 125 million players.

PUBG gained its massive playerbase edge over its rival because it has long been tapping the Chinese market, while Fortnite is not as massively popular in the East as it has been in the West. The Chinese internet giant Tencent acquired the rights to PUBG in November last year, and has also released two mobile versions early this year. Meanwhile, Fortnite has yet to have a Chinese release.

PUBG’s monopoly on China has proven invaluable, as the country is the single biggest gaming market in the world, with over 850 million of the population considered as gaming consumers. According to the marketing firm Newzoo, projected that $37.9 billion of the $137.9 billion, or 28%, global revenue for the global gaming industry will come from China alone.

PUBG also owes its relative success to the surging mobile games market, as Newzoo forecasts that mobile gaming will take up half of the global gaming market, with $70.3 billion of the projected $137.9 billion total revenue.

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This now seems to be the latest jab thrown in the long standoff between PUBG and Fortnite. Earlier this year, PUBG’s developers accused Fortnite’s publishers, Epic Games, for copyright infringement.

With that said, perhaps the real test for the two games will be in the esports industry. PUBG has an already established esports scene that has been quietly chugging along, while Fortnite is gearing up for a grand entrance with its $100 million Fortnite: World Cup.

True to the nature of their games, both PUBG and Fortnite have both been locked in a bitter struggle since both stepped into the arena. In true Battle Royale fashion, we can only wait and see who will be the last man-err, game standing.

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

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