Highest earning gamers from South East Asia

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In the ever-changing landscape of sports, eSports is now taking center stage as competition continues to improve and more and more people give their attention to the growing attraction.

Recent competitions have brought in big-money prizes to players and with a community thriving and active from all corners of the world, it seems that today’s eSports reach is only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, what was considered as only a way to pass the time years back is now a legitimate way of living for some of the best eSports competitors in the world. There is definitely big money to be made for the best of the best and international tournaments are now regularly held to determine, not only who is the best but, the team / person who can bring home the most money.

To put everything in perspective, here are the top 10 highest earning players from South East Asia.

  1. Jianwei Yap (xNova) – Malaysia
Photo credit to Liquipedia.

First on the list is Malaysian DoTA 2 player Jianwei Yap. Commonly known as xNova in the gaming industry, he is ranked 55th in the world rankings when it comes to his earnings with $1,114,528.34.

Making a little over $1million in 2018 alone, Yap clearly improved his skills as he jumped considerably from a $10,000++ earning back in 2017.

He has finished atop two tournaments this year, winning $80,000 in the MDL Changsha Major only a few days after bagging $100,000 in the EPICENTER XL.

  1. Zheng Yeik Nai (MidOne) – Malaysia
Photo credit to Liquipedia.

Similar to xNova, Malaysia hold the second spot in the list with Zheng Yeik Nai holding the fort. MidOne is also a DoTA 2 player and has amassed an incredible $1,031,378.27 by playing in 38 tournaments so far which is also good enough for 60th in the world ranking.

MidOne has been consistently earning in the past three years, raking in an average of $343,000 in those three years and certainly has not shown signs of slowing down.

He has won two tournaments so far this year, the Captain’s Draft 4.0 which pocketed him $21,600 and the DreamLeague Season 9 where he earned $25,000.

  1. Chai Yee Fung (Mushi) – Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

Right next to MidOne in the world rankings is Chai Yee Fung, also of Malaysia. The 27-year-old star goes by the online name Mushi and has been active in eSports for a while now.

From humble beginnings, Mushi was recorded to have earned $90 in 2010 but has won as big as $384,000 in 2016 to bring his total earnings to a whopping $1,014,463.42.

A DoTA 2 player as well, the Malaysian has only one #1 finish in 2018 so far, in the DAC 2018 where he won $74,000. The biggest prize he’s won to date was in The International 2016 where he brought home over $290,000 despite only finishing fourth place.

  1. Wong Hock Chuan (ChuaN) – Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

In fourth place is another Malaysian who is only 27 years old but has amassed $740,982.93 in earnings through his career, Wong Hock Chuan.

Commonly known as ChuaN, the DoTA 2 player has been around since he was 18 years old and was earning even back with Defence of the Ancients.

Ranked 85th in the world, ChuaN has not been active in 2018 but his first-placed finishes in The International 2012, WPC 2014 and Nanyang DoTA 2 Championship Season 2 has earned him enough to be included in this list.

  1. Djardel Jicko Mampusti (DJ) – Philippines
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

The first non-Malaysian to make in on the list, Djardel Mampusti or DJ is the fifth highest eSports earner in South East Asia. His earnings of $609,007.11 has him 113th in the world.

Another DoTA 2 player, DJ got his biggest pay year in 2016 when he earned over $400,000 when he was only 21 years old.

Much of his earnings has been with Team Fnatic, DJ has yet to win any tournament, with the closest he has as second the DoTA Summit 8 and DreamLeague Season 9.

  1. Chuan Tue (Ah-fu) – Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

After a brief break, Malaysia make it back to the list in 6th place with Chuan Tue who has earned over $590,441.55 in 50 tournaments.

Yet another DoTA 2 player, Ah-fu turned a $600 earning in 2014 to over $500,000 in 2017 thanks to a third-placed finish in The International 2017.

Outside of earning big, Ah-fu has shown his capabilities to win tournaments as well, bagging first in the WCA 2016 Asia Qualifier, SEA Kappa Invitational Season 4 and Infinite Sky League. He ranks 120th in the world in terms of earnings.

  1. Chong Xin Khoo (Ohaiyo) – Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

The last Malaysian to make this incredible list of players is Chong Xin Khoo. Nicknamed Ohaiyo, the 25 year old ranks 124th in the world.

At such a young age, Ohaiyo has made a living off playing DoTA 2 and has been competitive since 2012. Off 60 tournaments, the Malaysian has brought home $581,236.49 in winnings.

His best tournament finish is second in the DoTA Summit 8 in 2017, but his biggest money finish is when he settled for fourth in The International 2016 where he earned $290,786.40.

  1. Carlo Palad (KuKU) – Philippines
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

Only failing to reach the $500,000 mark in winnings, Philippines’ Carlo Palad – also known as KuKU is South East Asia’s eighth biggest earner with $484,868.57 in winnings. This is also good enough to rank him 153rd in the world.

In DoTA 2, KuKU’s biggest winning was $160,000 when he finished first in the World Electronic Sports Games 2016.

He was also the China Top 2017 – Shenzen winner back in 2017.

  1. Sam Enojosa Hidalgo (sam_H) – Philippines
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

Ranked 156th in the world, Sam Hidalgo, known as sam_H in gaming circles, comes in ninth on the list with $476,334.78 in earnings as of this writing.

Another DoTA 2 player, sam_H has found success as part of TnC Gaming and has won tournaments such as World Electronic Sports Games 2016 and China Top 2017 – Shenzen.

His most successful year has been 2017 where he raked in over $288,000, while 2018 has been relatively slow with over $73,000 worth of winnings so far.

  1. Marc Polo Luis Fausto (Raven) – Philippines
Photo courtesy of Liquipedia.

Rounding out the top 10 eSports gaming earners in South East Asia is another Filipino star in Marc Fausto.

Known as Raven, he is also a DoTA 2 player who has played with TnC Gaming and Fnatic. Ranked 158th in the world, Raven has earned $471,193.10 from 21 tournaments played.

In three years of competition, Raven has won the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 and China Top 2017 – Shenzen, while also finishing second in MDL Macau back in 2017.