Red Dead Redemption 2: sequel to classic Western game set to reach even greater heights

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The release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the long-awaited sequel for the critically-acclaimed Western-themed action-adventure open world game, is upon us.

With the previous installment proving to be a masterpiece in both gameplay, graphics, and story, gamers from all around the world have been eagerly anticipating what the sequel brings to the table.

While the game was originally scheduled for a release in Spring this year, the game will instead to be coming to PS4 and XBOX today.

The game features outlaw Arthur Morgan as the playable character and apparent protagonist.

However, a wide cast of characters including the members of Morgan’s posse, the Van der Linde Gang, also figure prominently in the game’s story.

From what we’ve seen so far, the game boasts eye-popping graphics, even better than the first installment it seems, and perhaps the most expansive open world environment of any game to date.

Image courtesy of Rockstar games.

But what seems to set RDR2 from the rest of the games in its genre, even its own predecessor, is its pervasively somber and fatalistic tone. The story kicks off with Morgan and his gang botching a robbery, forcing them to go on the run with supplies, cash, and morale running low.

While most other Westerns try to live out the ‘glory’ of life in the Wild West, RDR2 steeps the world in desperation, as if we’re playing out Morgan and his gang’s last ride out into the Wild West sunset.

Image courtesy of Rockstar Games.

In any case, all signs point to the game becoming a great one, as evidenced by all the overwhelmingly positive reviews that have been coming in.

We can’t get any idea of the full breadth of the game until we’ve played at least 40 hours of it though, good thing it will be dropping soon. Look out for more of our content on this would-be classic soon.