The Game Awards 2018 News: Smash Ultimate announces crossover with Persona 5 for first fighter DLC

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stole the show in the Game Awards 2018 when it announced a crossover with popular RPG Persona 5 for its first fighter DLC pack, headlined by Joker of the Phantom Thieves.

Smash Ultimate is set for release later today with a whopping roster of 74 fighters from across multiple video game series, including the likes of Mario from the Super Mario series, Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series, and many, many more.

True to the ongoing ‘Everyone is here!’ theme in the game, Smash Ultimate will be further expanding its list of fighters with the addition of the Piranha Plant from Super Mario in February. Persona 5’s Joker will then headline the first fighter pack DLC for Smash Ultimate which will include 5 total fighters.