FIFA 19: 5 players who are better in the game than in real life

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FIFA 19 has given gamers and football fans alike plenty of excitement since it released, and comparisons between real and reel life are at an all-time high. 

Certain players are well represented in FIFA 19 based on their on-field performances, but a few have been rated rather generously in the gaming franchise. Here are 5 players who are better in the game than they are in reality:

#5 Mats Hummels (FIFA 19 rating – 89, Real rating – 84)


Hummels is rated an impressive 89 in FIFA 19, and while there is significant reason to believe that the German has earned that right through his displays in previous years, 89 now seems rather generous for a player who is clearly past his prime.

Hummels has lost some of the mojo that made him one of Europe’s most deadly center backs, and at 30, age is already catching up. A few mistakes have creeped into his game, and a dip in ratings is expected next year.

#4 Isco (FIFA 19 rating – 89, Real life rating – 86)


It might seem rather harsh to judge a player purely on one season, but Real Madrid have been poor this season as compared to the last few years. One of their star players Isco has also lost some of his form, but continues to be rated highly in FIFA 19.

His rating of 89 looks generous in that regard, and based on what we have seen this season, anything beyond 86 would be too much. 

Ramos kicks ball at Isco’s head in training

#3 Gareth Bale (FIFA 19 rating – 88, Real life rating – 84)


Gareth Bale is a player with all the tools in the world, but his lack of application can be frustrating at times. The Welshman has been given numerous opportunities to shine at Real Madrid, but has suffered from regular injuries and a lack of form way too often.

His FIFA 19 rating if 88 is indicative of his potential but not a real adaptation of his play. In reality, he simply cannot go beyond the mid 80s and needs a really good end to this campaign to raise his rating in FIFA 20.

#2 James Rodriguez (FIFA 19 rating – 88, Real life rating – 83)


Another player with all the tools is James Rodriguez. The Colombian excelled for his national team a few years ago, and was impressive during his early days with Real Madrid as well.

However, a loan spell at Bayern Munich has proved rather ungrateful to his blossoming career, and he faces a continued amount of time on the bench with the Bavarians. Keeping this in mind, his 88 rating is way too much, and should be reduced to around 83 in reality. 

James Rodriguez’s incredible impact

#1 Alexis Sanchez (FIFA 19 rating – 87, Real life rating – 82)


Alexis Sanchez has endured a horrific start to his career as a Manchester United player, and putting it any other way would be incorrect.

Having spent more than a year with the club, performances haven’t improved a whole lot, and though there are glimpses of the old Sanchez, he looks way out of it. His FIFA 19 rating is 87, but his real life rating is a paltry 80-odd when you come to think of it, and this is certainly one that needs immediate attention. 

What is going with Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United?