League of Legends host Sjokz Announces Freelance Career

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European League of Legends host Eefje Depoortere, famously known as Sjokz, will be pursuing a freelancing career which will make her eligible for other projects outside Riot Games, she announced last Thursday.

In her official post on Facebook, she said that she will be continuing her career in Riot Games on a “freelance basis.”

“Today, I’m excited and nervous to announce that I will be continuing my career with Riot Games on a freelance basis.” she said.

Despite the announcement, she said that she will still be having a major part in the EU LCS next year. ” First and foremost, let me make this clear: EU LCS will still be a huge priority for me in 2019 and you will still see me on camera next season!”

“I have talked with the team in Berlin at length and we are both committed to continuing our successful relationship, especially in light of the bright future of EU LCS.”

Sjokz was one of the pioneer casters when League of Legends debuted in 2013. She has been with the broadcast team of ever since and is still considered as one of the best in the business.

“I have learned a lot over the years in front of and behind the camera and want to have the opportunity to work on a larger variety of projects, see what else I can learn, and contribute to along the way.” she added.

Sjokz has yet to publicize what projects she plans to have on the table, but expect the veteran host to have a lot of projects outside League of Legends in 2019.