League of Legends: 5 champions that need badly a new skin

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League of Legends is not shy when it comes to releasing new skins. Even this season we witnessed some of the finest ones yet released. Despite that, some champions haven’t gotten a new skin in a long time. Here are 5 champions who need a new skin asap:


Via LOL Esports

This champion has been the premier tank this season and he has been one of the most played champions too. He has been relevant all season and was also on the headlines recently due to the “Inting” strategy. Despite this Sion hasn’t received a skin all year long. In fact, his last skin was released all the way back in 2016. It’s high time to give him a new skin.


Via LOL Esports

Draven has always been very popular in solo queues. This is mainly due to his volatile play style and high skill cap. The champion in the right hands can go bonkers but if played wrong could end up being a laughing stock. A Draven skin would be a major hit due to his high popularity. He received his last skin back in the Christmas of 2017.


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Unlike Draven, Vi is one of the least played champions. She is one of the only two champions not to be played in any professional game throughout season 8 which is amusing considering that out of 141 champions, 139 have been played. A new skin might help to get her some popularity back since her last one came back in 2017.


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The Nunu rework was not as successful as the rest of the reworks were this season.  The champion seems underwhelming and Riot is constantly trying to readjust the champion by buffing it. To add to this, Nunu last received a skin back in 2015 which is almost 4 years ago! A new skin might be the lucky charm.


Via LOL Esports

After numerous reworks, Aatrox finally hit a point where he is more than just relevant. He has even ended up being one of the most played champions in Worlds 2018. Even in solo queue, his dominance can be seen. He is played in both the mid and top lanes, showing how powerful he is in the current meta. Despite being prominent he hasn’t received any love from Riot in the skin department. His last skin came back in 2015 and a new skin is pretty much needed.