League of Legends X WWE: All the best things from the crossover

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League of Legends has recently collaborated with WWE for a League show match. Two teams led by famous League streamers Imaqtpie and Tyler1 fought in an intense League match. Team Tyler1 came out victorious in the end, so here are some talking points from the crossover:

League of Legends has a steep learning curve

It was clear that all the players (excluding Imaqtpie and Tyler1) had a very hard time on the Rift. Basic mechanics like managing waves and farming creeps were not properly done.  This is not the fault of the WWE stars since it takes a long time to get a good grasp of the game.

Usually, popular games like FIFA, Tekken and even Fortnite can be easily learned. A week of playing these games will give you enough experience to play well enough. However, it takes several months just to get the basic knowledge of LoL. The game has a steep learning curve and professionals grind hours on a daily basis just to stay on top.

Teemo is never a good option

Via LOL Esports

Teemo is often referred to as Satan by the League community and picking such an accursed champion will only get you bad results! He is one of the least played champions in the entirety of League’s history. He also has one of the worst win rates in the professional League scene.

Seth Rollins tried his luck with Teemo and not only did he lose the game, he also ended up with a score of 0/15/1!

Tyler 1 is reformed!

Via loltyler1

The notorious streamer was famous for his in-game toxicity which led to his infamous ban from the game and its community. The ban, however, was lifted in 2017 after several months of him displaying (somewhat) good behavior.

Since then he has managed to do well for himself. His first stream after the ban was lifted broke the record of most number of concurrent viewers in Twitch (later broken by Dr. Disrepect and then Ninja). He also made an appearance in a show match in the NA LCS. It is safe to say he is reformed.

Fortnite may be at the top, but League still holds the crown

Via LOL Esports

It’s been almost a decade since League of Legends was released. Since then numerous games have been released in the market and the overall landscape of the gaming industry has completely changed. Today the market is saturated with top games but League is still going strong.

WWE is one of the biggest entertainment industries and its collaboration with League of Legends only shows how prominent League is. There is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to esports, League of Legends is still the king.