Suicide Squad characters coming to PUBG!

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Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds will be collaborating with the DC Universe to bring out a new event related to the comic brand’s movie universe in the game.

PUBG released an official teaser showing Suicide Squad members Joker and Harley Quinn (the cinematic versions played by Jared Leto and Harley Quinn) breaking out of prison in Miramar. The pair will most likely come out as a playable characters in the form of skins. Harley Quinn can be seen carrying her trademark Baseball Bat which might become a new melee weapon.

Apart from the trailer, PUBG Corp has revealed no further information regarding the crossover event yet. While it might be a big event with several missions to complete, it might also just be new skins. Fans would definitely prefer a big event with multiple layers to it which also allows the community to earn more rewards.

It’s interesting to note that DC Universe is collaborating with PUBG as Marvel has already collaborated with Fortnite in the past. The crossover event between Marvel and Fortnite was accessible during the release of the Avengers: Infinity War movie. It allowed players to play as the movie antagonist Thanos after reaching certain milestones. This, of course, was a limited time event.

Another interesting point is that while the Fortnite X Marvel event went live during the Avengers movie there is no Suicide Squad movie coming in the near future. The only DC movie set for imminent release is the Aquaman movie which will be coming out on December 14. The choice of characters might be due to the high popularity of Joker and Harley Quinn.

The release date of the crossover event has not been revealed yet but it’s expected to come pretty soon. The game recently witnessed a month-long Halloween event.

The news of crossover event has gotten many fans excited and everyone is eager to dive right into the action. Now with the DC universe joining hands with PUBG, the rivalry between PUBG and Fortnite for the title of best Battle Royale game will be even bigger since Marvel and DC are brands that are also already considered to be arch-nemeses.